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Freaking out

worried about my heart!!! 

I feel short for breath, have palpitations and heartburn. I have had like four ECG'S in the past two years and I had a heart monitor fitted for a few days, the doctor said its fine it's just my anxiety causing the symptoms. What if I have clogged arteries and they didn't pick it up? Would they have found it from the heart monitor or ECG? 

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Ecg and heart monitor are good first steps for finding any heart problems. If you're young and don't have many risk factors like smoking or family history then these tests should probably be enough. If you're still concerned ask for a stress test which looks more at clogged arteries or you can ask for an echo cardio gram which looks at the structure and pumping ability (less to due with clogged arteries and more for structural details). 

I can tell you though I had pretty much almost every symptom of heart attacks, shortness of breath,  chest pain, high pulse. I got all the tests done and the cardiologist cleared me. So you can feel pretty bad and it can still be anxiety. Getting all the tests made me feel a lot better (though I still get scared by chest pains and pulse) so maybe it will help ease your mind if you get some tests too! But again it is probably anxiety if your doctor cleared you as it was for me. Good luck! And try not to worry too much ( I know that's easy to say)


The only person within family I know had heart failure was my great grandfather. Our neighbour recently passed about through a heart attack and it's really scared me I fear that my arteries are clogged up or are in the process of doing so 


Oh and I'm also only 19


Hi,   I don't think you have had time to clog your arteries as such a young age.  Use that positive thought when you start to worry.  x

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Thank you and I hope so x


I've recently been going through the same thing it's terrible. They've done ekgs, ct scans, took blood, chest x rays. Still can't figure out whats wrong. My symptoms include headaches, chest pain, an akward taste in my mouth, and dizziness. Does anyone have any idea what it might be? I have really bad anxiety and scared im gonna die. Im only 17


Yeah that sounds more like anxiety to me, heart problems carry a lot more symptoms usually. Plus you've had tests. Trust me if something was that bad that was going to kill you it would certainly have been found in your blood. You're also 17 it's highly unlikely. I was bad with anxiety at 17 and I'm now 19 and it's bad again X 


Hormone changes can cause all of those, and so can poor posture.


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