I'm confused

Hey I been taken buspar witch is working for me. But I been having aniexty still heart palpitations and I'm really scared something is wrong with my heart I'll be at work and feel like something wrong with my heart because I feel that feeling. Also I been having headaches my shoulders and neck are really tender I'm super tired I just don't get it I'm like gonna die soon I feel like


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  • I feel the same thing don't be scared it's only anxiety you are just fine don't worry you're self to much OK it perfectly normal

  • I'm on the same meds. It's been two weeks. I ve began to notice more headaches, nerves twitches, anxiety or panics still come. Had a bad one today. Only thing so far I have decent to say about it is it does help me sleep because I was going through insomnia fir about a month other than that I'm not sure I want to continue. My appetite decrease again too since taking this.

  • I know how you feel have you been to doctor and they told me that stressing out can cause headaches and shoulder pain etc I have heart palps due to my anxiety usually when I sit down to relax and it causes my anxiety to be worse had lots of tests Nd keep going back to doctor it's actually causing me to be depressed

  • I see my doctor a lot due to my meds he likes to talk to me to see if they are helping me. It don't help that I have a lot of stress at work it could be causing it but it's just scary

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