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Well I did take a nap all the way to 11 and I felt a lot more better butt when I went to go pick up my son I made some eggs and some white rice I ate and then I feel super sick again. My Cardiology doctor called me yesterday and told me that I had no cardiac arrest issues with my heart which is a good sign. But it still scares me when I go through this and I feel super sick most of the time I had told the doctor I must be lack of vitamin or lack of something in my body that's making me feel this way my heart's not going fast no it's going slow I was diagnosed with anxiety ever since I lost my baby. Butt now I'm starting to feel sick my mouth is dry I don't know it's hard to explain but I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully this acupuncture thingworx tomorrow and hopefully the doctor can check my blood work and see if I need any vitamins to take daily vitamins women Centrum what is not doing anything for me but we shall see now I have to go grocery shopping and it sucks cuz I get super bad anxiety now and I just feel sick to my stomach right now hopefully this goes by fast so I could come home and just relax. Hopefully this thing goes away I do have a joint but I'm just so scared even try it it's been way too long it's been since high school 2006 and I don't know how my body would react to it there's anybody out there do marijuana for anxiety I heard it's good I used to have anxiety when I was 18 to but it wasn't bad but I did smoke marijuana and it did help me a lot but then when I met my husband and had a kid I stopped everything I had my second child and I started getting really bad anxiety after that and then I got pregnant with my third baby and then my anxiety was up the rooftops I was in and out of the hospitals like every single day because my anxiety it was my hormones I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant and he was pretty bad and I'm pretty sure my entire being this stressed I was going to kill the baby it sucks but life moves on I just hope I can feel better


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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this but know that you're not alone. You're symptoms are very similar to what I get along with my anxiety. I get chest pains often and it always scares me and I start thinking the worst, even though I've been to the doctor and nothing is wrong. I've recently started getting the sick feeling as well and if I'm out I just can't wait to get home because I think it will make me feel safe, which is a bad thing to start thinking because I'll never want to go out again! I just try telling myself that it will pass and I can get through it just like the other times I have.

  • Yes it's a I'm glad to hear that somebody else is getting my symptoms also but it sucks because when you have children and you have to get things done you have to get things done and you really don't because you feel so sick and dizzy sometimes I technically every single day I have to at least drink a beer not that I'm addicted to it I don't care for beer but I know that it helps me feel better and it's a dumb excuse I know butt I think I'm just lack of vitamin or something hopefully the doctor can find out what's going on I'm sorry that you have to go through this I would not wish this upon no enemy of mine I'm not saying that you are but I'm saying it's a horrible feeling it just really sucks but I just don't know what to do sometimes and all I can tell myself it's Crystal you can do it you'll be fine you made it this far you're alive you're breathing you're eating that's all I have to do and it makes me feel a lot better but I understand where you're coming from because I also go visit family and stuff and I want to go home the minute I get there I lay on my stomach and make me feel better I thought I was the only one but I used to be the outgoing type all this just a little bit longer all you know have fun now that I'm a different person it's really changed my life and I really don't like it any time I mean it's good to stay at home but I get tired of being home affect my job when I did have a job it just sucks

  • I get where you're coming from! Thinking about my obligations can definitely make my anxiety worse. Hopefully your doctor can help out and maybe together you could determine if anxiety memdication might be a possibility. I'm about to make an appointment with my doctor to discuss that as well (which also makes me anxious!)

  • Yeah it was okay going to the grocery store I didn't have any anxiety but I came home to put the groceries away and I felt like I don't know like my heart was going to stop I can feel it in my neck I can it's not going fast or slow but I feel so sick like oh my God I just don't know how to sit down for a little bit but I can basically feel it on my chest like my neck and that's I don't know it's not anxiety it's something different like I wonder know what's going on I did take my vitamin today and I felt better after that and then all the sudden now I started feel sick so I'm still waiting if I should drink a beer beer makes me feel a lot more better but I just don't know I need to finish putting the groceries away so I kind of noticed that everytime my husband goes to work I feel this way but when he's here I'll have some anxiety but not like the way I feel now it's just weird. I hope things goes well with you I hope they get to find what's going on with you two it's a bee and a half to go through stuff like this every single day and messes up your routine and messes up all your plans you have when you just sit there and try to think positive it's very hard to do but what I'm doing now but please make that appointment so that you can get some sort of help or they can know what's really going on I know it's hard for some people that don't have insurance but they do but they have to pee alot copay I hope things work out I'll be here if you need someone to talk to you I just have all these feelings right now like this is so sick

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