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Dry throat and burning sensation

So I developed a cold about a week ago, normal symptoms sore throat, runny nose, cough, hot and cold etc etc.. I'm feeling a lot better but now I have this horrible feeling in my throat (especially at night) I can swallow but it's annoying, it's irritating and so so dry! Water doesn't even help! I've been drinking a lot of lemsip (will this be the cause?) the dryness has woke me up from my sleep and now I just can't get back to sleep. I have feelings of needing to cough but because it is so dry I can't and it makes me gag. It feels like something is stuck in my throat! It's so horrible, I also feel terribly sick! I always do throughout the day. I don't know what to do.. It's driving me absolutely insane. I can't even cry to let the stress out because my THROAT is to dry I cannot seem to produce any saliva!

Any ideas on what this could be?? Anything I can do to relieve it so I can get some sleep! :( thank you!

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Hi Jaadelouise1, lemon can have a drying effect, although having had a cold can sometimes leave you breathing through your mouth causing the air to dry you out.

A little trick I was taught by my therapist was to think of biting into a big juicy pickle. The thought will produce the salivary glands to produce saliva. Also a teaspoon of honey provides moisture as it coats your tongue and back of throat. My last hint that I have used is inhaling over a bowl of hot water (making sure you don't burn yourself) The steam will lubricate the back of your throat, helping to loosen the cough. I hope you get some relief and are able to go back to sleep. Medications sometimes play a part in the dryness as well.

Take care and feel better x


Hello, well to me it sounds like you have something going on with your saliva glands maybe. Or it could be acid rising in your throat sometimes that will make you feel like you have a lump in throat . Try some cough drops or hard candy to get your saliva going a little bit see if that helps .

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Hi there, I'd agree with agora, if you sleep with your mouth open which you often do with a cold it dries your mouth out terribly. So a teaspoon of honey in some warm water before bed may help. It puts a coating in your throat and is also anti inflammatory. I'd also say go to the doctors and have your throat checked to be sure. You can sometimes feel sick if you've swallowed mucus while sleeping due to your cold. But best to check with your doctor.

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