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Why is it so hard to understand agoraphobia?

Hello I found this support group by browsing on google and omg I just feel like if I have enough I'm 28yrs old and my life sucks... I don't understand my self neither does people do they just talk smack and other people tell me im going to be ok. Noooooo im not going to be ok they don't understand the daily battles we agoraphobics need to face each day it's easy to say you're going to be ok, it's all in your head ugh it just gets me so mad. Theres just days I cant go on I feel that im losing my mind n going to end up cray cray

Have any of you gone to a Ph.D? Have u sussed on it? How is it like?

Im afraid to go to one because I hate crying in front of people and hate when they just stare at you observing you. Its just so damn scary... Help

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Hi Triztona, Usually I don't support Google but finding this forum was a good find. You are right in that people don't understand Agoraphobia, gee they can't even understand Anxiety. There responses are ludicrous, what are you afraid of? I get anxious too.

Just relax and put your feet up and have a cup of tea..and it goes on and on. Each remark makes you feel like a psycho case.

I went through 6 years of being Agoraphobic. I had psychologists and social workers come to me. I had medical doctors and nurses come to me. I found everyway possible not to go out. Ended up finding a therapist who did phone sessions. Ultra sounds, EKGs, Lab tests were all done in my home. I cried everytime I spoke, wasn't embarrassed just filled with so much emotion.

You do need to find help and let your guard down with the doctor so that they may help you. Yes they do observe you. A lot of how you handle yourself gives them insight as to how they may help you. It's not scary once you find the right therapist. They become your support system, someone who will be there for you and pull you through any crisis issues.

Finally a year ago, the crying stop, the fear stopped and I ventured outside again. At first cautiously and then each time became easier and easier. You have to believe that you can do it as well as get so tired of the 4 walls being your safety zone. It's a good feeling to see the sun, smell the rain on freshly cut grass and go to the store and shop. No more relying on others to pick out things for me. I've come a long way and looking forward to maybe "doing lunch" one day. Good Luck dear. We are here to support you. Agora1 x


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