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So I always see how someone says "oh I feel breathless after anxiety attack coz I hyperventilate" but to me I've never done that but sometimes I'll just feel breathless for no reason and sometimes it comes with other anxiety symptoms and it worries me it's something else coz I'm not like the rest. Even tho I had everything checked at the doctors and hospital hundreds of times and everything was always perfect it still worries me. Does anyone else just suddenly feel breathless too and have the urge in a way to yawn to fully get that breath I find myself yawning a lot to get rid of that breathless feeling but I never hyperventilate.

Also is it normal to get anxiety symptoms at random times even when I'm having a good day? As it seems sometimes I'll be fine and then the next second I get disoriented or breathless ect

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yup even I get anxiety symptoms out of the blue.....even when I am not anxious....thats when I get worried and the vicious anxiety cycle starts and enhances the symptoms even more


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