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Please can someone help me?

I've just been prescribed 10mg of Citalopram. I'm in day 10. The first week was awful I had every symptom under sun including really bad depression which I went rock bottom but eventually purked myself back up. I was spaced out constantly like I was on illegal drugs, not sleeping (still not really) and lost half a stone. Some of my symptoms have passed apart from being anxious all the time, being happy one minuet n feelin down another, my head feels heavy like I've got thick fog in my head (I'm not sure if this is the Ssri trying to work its magic on my brain towards the serotonin) anyway apart from that I've gripped and bared the first week of pure hell on these tablets. I went to the dr and I said I don't think 10mg is doing much as my old symptoms of anxiety before I went on these meds r coming bk n he said they take time to kick in.

I was wondering if anybody else is on citalopram and started on 10mg and went upto 20mg and if so how long was it till you upped your dose? I'm quite an impatient person but I just want to feel like me again :( if anyone can help me in anyay I'd be very much grateful xxxx

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I took citoplam for a month and stopped because it was making me more anxious on edge. Now I'm on buspirone it's my second day no side effects. I'm waiting for after a month to see.


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