Jaw discomfort

I've been having pain on the left side of my jaw for about 2 days now. I don't feel the pain on my teeth, it's sort of just on the outside (my face) but it is where the jaw is located. It comes & goes on the daily. Sometimes the pain is worse. I read that it could be because I clench my teeth. But I'm not sure if I do that or not? I know I don't grind my teeth.

I know this can be a sign of anxiety but it's also a sign of heart problems. Can anyone suggest me anything or give me advice.


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  • Hi Sara5, As I was reading your post, I kind of knew where it was going because of it being on the left side of your jaw. I didn't grind my teeth either however I did clench causing muscle pain in the jaw area. Sometimes the bite is off causing off balance chewing. If it continues or you have other symptoms, then it might be wise to see your doctor or your dentist. For my clenching the dentist had me wear a mouth guard for a while when I slept. Also sometimes there can be a small abscess at the end of the root. I hope it goes away on it's own. x

  • Thank you. I will definitely see my dentist if it continues.

    I've caught myself clenching at times. I'm not sure if I do it at night. But I'm guessing I probably do.

  • Hello sara5 ☺

    Just wanted to say that I also get pain in my jaw on my left side. I also get pain in my left arm and even my left hand. I was actually at the Er a few days ago with this problem. As always they told me it was anxiety. And the more you focus on the pain being there, the more you will feel the pain. Just try and focus on something else. I know its not easy.

    Hope this helped and hope you feel feel better.

  • Thank you! I also get pain on my left arm too. That's what scares me even more. It's so hard not to focus on it. But I'm trying not to

  • Hi I get this dentist is making me a mouth guard at the moment, he thinks I grind my teeth at night and I know I always clenching.

  • Yes I agree clenching and grinding . I get bad neck pain and headaches from that . Catch it now .. Mine is bad it hurt when I chew at times

  • I have a heart problem I get a pain in my jaw for a few minutes and that disappears and I get chest pains and need to take a spray under my tongue

    So if your jaw pain isn't followed by chest pains then please don't worry

    I hope this might give you a little reassurance

    Good luck hope you get it sorted out

  • Sorry to hear about your heart problem. & Thank you for the reassurance.

  • I hope it has helped as I'm sure if the pain hasn't radiated to your chest then I'm sure it isn't a heart problem It would have done so by now going by my experience

    I hope you get it sorted

    All the best xx

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