I am so sick

And tired of anxiety ruining my entire life this is the last flipping day. TomorRow I am going to get sleep I am going eat I am going to exercise I'm going to travel were I want to travel I think the only way to deal with this is to beat on head first I walked to class dizzy with heart papaltations and blurry vision ignored it and by the time I was back I had forgot all about it

Idk I'm still physically exhausted but it's a start


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  • I completely know how you feel. I'm so fed up of this anxiety it's taken over everything I do. I never feel calm or happy or well anymore. It's so difficult everyday I try to be positive and say it's not going to beat me but every day it does. It's such hard work I just want to feel 'normal' again 😰

    I really hope you can beat it and I really hope I can too.

  • Me too I just miss my old self! Here if you want to talk. You can beat it too! We will someday

    I have had 2 days in a row but tonight I'm feeling optimistic

  • It is that attitude that will see you become your old self again.👍👍👍 No matter how crappy you might feel, live your life on your terms and don't be dictated to by your anxiety. Take the anxiety with you. Onwards and upwards!

  • That's so awesome of you to get to that point. Myself I have said so many times how fed up I am with anxiety ruling me but then I still find myself lying in bed worried. Yes I do get out to do the things I have to do for my kids because they still have to be treated fair regardless of how I'm dealing with this but it's never doing things I use to do for me. I've cut out all things I use to do, life feels dull and I'm sick of if because I was not like this just five months ago I was my usual on the go, ambitious self and I can't believe how this anxiety has switched me off like a light. But I am proud to hear to say that and I wish you more days like that ahead.

  • I only got to this stage by having the 2 worst days yet and beating them . I know exactly how u feel I lay in bed all morning afraid to leave and I had no motivation to get out and socialise with other people because I think nothing will make me happy anymore . ( im at uni and I haven't met one friend) I don't do anything I like either gave up all hobbies , But from now on I'm gonna do the things I want I hope you can do you will get there!!

  • Start up those hobbies, even if your mind and body are screaming the opposite. Do it. Do it willingly. It is doing the normal stuff that brings back normality because you are telling your mind and body that you are accepting the anxiety which is key and other stuff will start to occupy your mind. You achieve nothing if you sit around thinking about your anxiety all day, every day so get out there 👍👍

  • I need you in my life haha always the best advice thank you!! I'm totally going to get out and do stuff everyday ur right the worst thing is sitting in bed with ur. Thoughts . I think I had 3 days of that drove myself crazy and was so close to dropping out of uni completely. But now I'm like what the hell was I doing

  • Might just about make it as a mature student but like to think I can still party with the best! If you can learn about anxiety, it takes away a lot of the fear which makes acceptance easier and going about your business. Knowledge is key. It helps to diffuse the bomb. You will still feel crap for a while but the understanding gives you hope which is everything.

    Also, Google "A letter to myself - Nothing works." That explains an awful lot about anxiety and how to overcome it.

    You'll get there.

    Best wishes


  • Good for you. I hope they your doing well. I am also in the mind set where I just can't take this anymore, I wanna just get up tommorow, eat right, exercise and get out there and have some fun. It's so much easier said than done, for me. I've gone to my counselor twice... he's told me i need to be on antidepressants and that it's gonna be hard to beat the anxiety on my own. But I really want to try! I'm only 25 and I have two little boys who need me! There's got to be a way out of this anxiety cycle, without using anti depressants 😳

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