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My Anxiety and My Stuttering.. seeking for help !

Hello!! this is my first post, i'm so excited about it

-I'd like to share with u my experience with stuttering .. well i don't remember exactly when i started to stutter, it took place in my life when i was between 7 or 9yrs i think .. i was (and still) a really shy guy who avoids speaking in public, reading in class, talking to older strangers ... i feel like this really affected my life in some decisions, i'd love to talk, to express myself.. it is so hard for me that i can't give the right meaning of a sentence or even my true image..

---when i'm about to speak or to read something i kinda know the exact words that i'll stutter in them, i feel it in my chest and throat like there is something down there blocking me from getting this sounds out.. this really frustrates me and makes me feel weak and more anxious.

---i'm not a sever stutterer, it really depends on how much anxious i'm ... the more anxiety increases the more stuttering does too.. but "sometimes" when i keep talking or reading it really begins decreasing, it's like riding a bicycle for the first time but for me everytime is the first time, you begin to fall down again and again until you get used to it and master it (be stutter free)..

---i still don't understand why this happens to me, i don't remember anything for my childhood except that i was stutter free until something happened .

---some people told me it's an incurable thing, for me i don't think so, i'm not a researcher or doctor, but something inside me telling me that.. because i already felt what it's like to be stutter free.. i experienced some few public situations that i've put myself through and i didn't stutter at all ..even now i'm writing this post and speaking like if i were speaking to all of you in a public place or on a stage and i'm not stuttering, when i'm alone (at home for e.g) i speak, read, scream (i'm not crazy hhhh), act, sing, i can do everything with no block or repetition.

---i still don't understand the reason of my stuttering but what i'm sure about is that anxiety or more specific SOCIAL anxiety has a huuuge role as the producer of stuttering or the product of stuttering.

---i'm really happy i shared this with you

this my first time i speak about it, if you have any advice plz tell me

and sorry if i wrote too much :D !!

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Hey there!

I have only ever met a few people who stutter and they also told me that it happens mostly when they have social anxiety. I don't know much information about this so I am not sure how much help I can be but I would suggest putting yourself in more awkward situations and try and get used to them. I used to be very shy when I was young but my parents would often put me in after-school activities or arrange play dates with kids I didn't really know and after a while I got used to talking to strangers and being the new kid. Also, I know this may not help but a lot of people have speech impediments and most people don't really care if you have a stutter or not - just keep that in mind when you're speaking that even if you do stutter, it's no reason to feel embarrassed or pressured.

Best of luck in the future!

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thank you for your support <3

i really appreciate every word you wrote to me

i'm trying that "awkward situations" and i'm really improving everyday and feeling more and more free !!


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