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lightheadedness is killing me

I have had anxiety for the past year and a half. Have enhanced anxiety today. For me anxiety brings with it lightheadedness, palpitations and negative thoughts. I am undergoing CBT. It has helped me tremendously. But the anxiety is always lurking there in the background. One slight trigger like muscle twitch, etc shoot it through the roof again.

Does this ever end. I exercise regularly, try to eat healthy, do not touch alcohol.......pls someone help

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It does get better . The first year or so mine was bad was spent learning about it , what helped what made it worse , getting used to my meds ect. I still have rough spells from time to time but nothing that's ever as bad as that was .

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For some of us, no it never really goes away. I know it's an awful feeling but we are all with you here and most of us are going through the same thing. It sounds like you are doing GREAT with all the other stuff, I know it can sometimes be difficult but keep it up!

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