Anticipation is just as bad as panic

Hi all. As I woke up early this morning after my daughter left for school I was still laying down then all of a sudden here goes that wave of nervousness hits me. It felt like a rush started from my brain then worked it's way down. And as it came down my head it gave a sort of warming sensation through my nose which then makes me feel like my breath is about to be taken away so of course I immediately sit up and take a deep breath then I feel my heart which I was anticipating it to start beating fast or hard. It never did beat as fast or hard as I was expecting but then my mind was already racing saying to myslef, "don't do this. You're gonna be ok. If this is a panic moment you've already had these syptoms." But of course me still feeling afraid hoping it is just an anxiety moment and not nothing else I still sort of panicked so I got up to use the bathroom however nothing big happened but I still felt like my brain was floating (sort of lightheaded) and then shortly after I could feel my nerves jumping. (A few of symptoms as well) But now I'm on edge anticipating something will happen and it's keeping me from relaxing mentally. This is how I am majority of the time when I get little "peek a boo" symptoms I began to anticipate on something coming. Needless to say, I still find this hard to believe this can be anxiety. Anyone else go through this? Still afraid praying this is not about to be my last breath.


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  • Hi I feel like that all the time dizziness and so bad nausea just waiting for results on chest xray been in touch with doctors already only went yesterday for it

  • Hi Icanbeathis2016, I agree anticipatory anxiety is just as bad as panic because we tend to form a pattern of when and where it may happen. Sort of a learned behavior per se. As long as you stay on the edge with worrying it will continue. You need to do something that will break that circle of fear. Anxiety is powerful as you see but it can be over powered by you getting back in control. Takes training, stamina and belief in yourself. Therapy helped me a lot but in the end, I was the one who had to get back in the driver's seat. You will too. x

  • It is anxiety , panic and anxiety is fear that comes out threw our mind we think bad thoughts threw this feeling of disbear from anxiety it's a circle and a vicious one at that . I think we tend to set our selfs up by thinking things before they happen. Sounds like u were doing the right things tho by telling yourself it's Just an anxiety thing . But anxiety will Do crazy things to our body's and sometimes you have to tell yourself it's just anxiety to be able to move past it .

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