So this isn't really anxiety related but I was just wondering if anyone else suffers with this or did suffer coz I've had this since February and it's September now and even tho the pain is definitely a lot better than it was for the first couple of months. I still get discomfort around my collarbone and sternum and a bit to the left of my chest. And I'm just wondering, how long will it take to fully go away? I've read it's usually 6-8 weeks but obvs it's been like 7 months.


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  • Hi Angiecis22, I've had it on and off for years since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It is not serious and does get to be less and less as time goes by. Actually I just had a bout of it yesterday, first time in many years. I didn't even get to treat it with my usual heat pak and a Tylenol because it was gone within an hour. Try not to worry or focus on it. Like everything else distraction helps pain. x

  • The thing is with my pain I really don't know if it is related to my acid reflux, anxiety or Costo.

    I've been diagnosed with all three. And the pain is weird it's not even pain it's more like just tightness and slight discomfort. And it's worse when I do things like clean and lift. But also when I sit in a weird position which would suggest it'd Costo. But then the pain usually goes away when I stand up and do something like take my mind off it I think so it's more like anxiety. Unless because of anxiety I focus too much on the pain and that's why I feel it and when I do things I focus on them more than the pain so it goes away. Or it is actually anxiety.

    Maybe it's coz I'm breathing too much too. I noticed I sometimes yawn a lot to catch a breath or take a deep breath a lot of times coz I feel I have to so maybe my chest hurts from all the deep breathing and taking in too much pain.

  • Oh my dear, your mind is going a mile a minute. Having anxiety always makes us doubt what is real and what is due to our anxiety. Actually one usually causes the other and vice versa. The Costo distress feels like tightness with a little soreness pain on each and every trigger point between the chest ribs. Cleaning and lifting and yes even sitting in a weird position can bring on the Costo. Irritated nerves that run between the ribs of the chest wall.

    Whatever it's caused from doesn't really matter. The solution for it is the same as anxiety which is relax, focus your mind on something else and try not to worry. It is not harmful. x

  • Hi love, just to warn you, avoid fluroquinolone antibiotics if you need to take an antibiotic ever, because they can make all those things much worse and for longer. I know by experience. :(

  • Every day there's at least one person posting about chest pains with no abnormal tests. It's hugely common and not worrying. Anxiety will aggravate and prolong it. Have a look at the numerous posts about this. There. 4 the other day!

  • I've had cost for the last two years, some months I feel no pain.. at other times the pain is sharp and intense. It gets aggravated when I lift heavy items or even my son. It also hurts alot when I exercise vigorously using any part of my upper body. My doctor also said it would resolve in a matter of weeks, but that has not been the case.

  • I started it after I had a heart attack, I was not moving around and then started rehab, oh my, suddenly using my arms and whirling around, I had awful chest pains. I thought it was related to me heart and set me off with anxiety. Well I sorted it out myself, I know that if I am doing something like lifting or bending or even sleeping a bit crooked can set it off and I wake suddenly with what I think are like a tightness in my chest, I worry a bit and then remember. I sorted out my anxiety by treating low thyroid and went to a herbalist. I am so much better now and don't suffer with anxiety anymore. Its not in your head its your hormones and a naturopath will help you. I take NDT now, on my own and its all gone. Good luck, don't worry, we all get it but you are sensitive to it.

  • Hello...I too have been diagnosed with costo. I've had it four months now. I'm also wondering, will it ever go away. If I sleep on my side I will wake up in a great deal of pain. It freaks me out. Usually sending me right into a panic attack.

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