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Very worried about my future

Hello everyone

I am getting very worried about my future.I went to the Gp yesterday to ask her about some professionals that could help me as I have done talk therapy for about 3yrs with two different therapists with little results.I really liked the last one and trusted and pushed myself to my limits with her (near the end I could not speak anymore but wrote down what I felt so she could help e).She kind of implied at the last session I should seek someone else.She did tell me at the beginning she only saw people for 2 yrs and here we are exactly 2 yrs later saying ohh you can keep coming but.

I do not believe someone will help me anymore and quite frankly I dont feel like doing things anymore as Ive done a lot but it always got back to square one.I went to the gp to seek professionnals where talking is not really the main focus as im sick of it but rather releasing emotions as lately Ive felt things in a different ways ive seen life in a different way and felt a lot of emotions that were frozen but i find it extremely overwhelming when it comes and i dont know how to manage it by myself.

Im verry worried because ive been stuck at my parents house for over 4 years (im 26 so you can understand the worry haha) and i do not see how i will ever leave.I cannot enter a romantic relationship and it has gotten worse lately as ive realized how stuck i was to actually enter one (before that i thought it was just me not liking the guys now i realize i actually have something within me blocking me from intimacy and forming relationship even with friends).I know whay should be done to release it but im not able to.

Im very worried.I feel I actually regress more and more lately.I really dont see myslf changing and I feel the more I try things th more I see its not helping.so somehow I dont want to try things so that i still have a little faith lol.

What do you all think?

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Hi if you find after all this time that talk therapy dosnt work have you thought of hypnotherapy? It might work for you and I believe in trying anything as long as it's not harmful!! Some good and some not so good ones. Have a think about it and look into it.take care 👍


Hello angep and thank you for your answer!I tried hypnotherapy for 3 sessions it did not do a lot (actually I felt pretty confident and talkative right after then it faded away loool)

My gp recommended someone who does hypnotherapy,eft and ritmo (something like emdr apparently) I might give it a try.


It's funny because for some people it can take just one session and it feels like your walking on air!! And others it takes many sessions. I know people it has helped and people it hasn't. Perhaps look into the others as one of them might just do work for you. Just shows you the power of your mind!! How good you felt even though it didn't last!! Imagine being able to feel like that all the time😀

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