Why dont spouse's care ? :(

I deal with panic attacks everyday for the past 6 yrs wrecked my whole highschool yrs.. but whenever I ask kindly of my gf to jus talk or jus be there for a sit down and calm down she freaks out ... her exscuse is I dono what to do and it came to a point im jus more sad then frusterated it jus seems like the only one I have don't care... everysingle im im having a a episode walks past me or says I need mentall help... but when I come n here and start typing It goes away :D


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  • My ex boyfriend was the same. He didn't want to accept the fact that I had anxiety.

    People who have never suffered a panic attack, usually don't know how to react. She probably doesn't know what to do to make you feel better. I would say she cares :) Maybe just difficult to show it.

    Me and my ex boyfriend broke up because of anxiety. We are still great friends now though. :) If you can, maybe simply talk to her? I know she pushes it off but just sit down with her and talk calmly :)

  • sorry late response ! i tried what you said but simply didnt work :/ ill try different ways :)!

    and see mayby something i find works :)

  • Hope you find what works for you :)

  • I know exactly how you are feeling. My husband thinks telling me to calm down when I am in a panic attack is going to help. Then he yells at me and watches tv as if I didn't exist. I told him that it is not that easy to control my panic attacks. I have panic attacks almost every day, and I can't breathe.... I don't even know how I got these problems. Of course my husband calls me mental all the time. maybe that doesn't help either....... I am sorry that you had to go through it without someone caring....

  • thats what this page is about to find others tho right !? :) me and you are not alone !!

  • I think sometimes people want to be the one who always helps you. So when they don't know how to help, they don't want to acknowledge the problem. Like my dad, I have anxieties and he is always the one to fix things but this is something he can't fix so he acts like it's not there

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