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Alright so about a month ago i drank an energy drink and exactly 24 hours later i got a really bad chest pain and i my heart started pounding, 1 month later im still getting the same symptoms along with eye twitching and body twitching but they have all calmed down a little bit. my heart pounds with little movements but it has began to settle down a bit, same with the chest pains they have become less frequent I was gonna go to the doctor but since the symptoms have gradually gotten better i decided not to but im still a little anxious since its been a whole month and i still have it. Is it true that my heart will settle down and the twitching and pain will stop? I dont drink sodas or energy drinks at all and it was my first time having a 250ml energy drink. Im only 14 but Ive definetly learned my lesson

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Some energy drinks have stimulants in them like caffeine, or other stuff.

Stimulants can make your heart rate go up, and people (like me- I have a heart arrhythmia condition AFIB) avoid energy drinks that have stimulants in them. The affect of the stimulants should not last that long.

You have nothing to loose if you go and see a doctor.

I would like to know what other people on the forum say, I am usually on the AF Association Forum.

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14 is too young to be comsuming high energy drinks. As you are already probably aware. First time having an energy drink can do that if your body is not used to caffeine. The lingering effects sound like lasted anxiety. Im guessing you are actively monitoring your self all day since this happened and it definately sounds like the heart pounding and twitching you are experiencing since that first drink are NOT caused directly by the drink but by your anticipation and expectation of these effects to happen again. Im a bit older and i can tell you that you are more hardy than you think you are. Put it this way, when your at a potential bf/gf's house for the first time, decide to have a quick shite and midflow realise theres no toilet paper, then you will understand how fast your heart can really pound :)


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Hi GINKA1P, I agree with bazilbrush in that the energy drink was a powerful hit for you. But it's long gone out of your system and now you are going through the anticipatory anxiety thinking it may happen again. It scared the Hibbie Geebies out of you and I'm sure you learned your lesson. As soon as you realize that, the symptoms of anxiety will go away I bet.


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