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Extreme Fatigue and Weakness...freaking out :(

Didn't sleep well last night...haven't been for years, but, this past week has been worse then usual. And, I can't sleep during the matter what. I've tried so many times and my mind never lets me...sometimes I just want to cry. I, seriously, long for sleep. But, I have been feeling extremely tired and to the point of feeling as if my body is just going to shut down or give out on me...and it doesn't help my anxiety at all. This past week has been horrifying! I took B-12 this morning...but, it isn't helping. I hate my brain and how it works. But, I just wanted to know if anyone else ever goes through this??? And, what you do to help it???

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Take melatonin see if it helps if not drink some hot chamomile tea and try one Tylenol Pm if it don't work take one more and soak in a hot bath the lay down in the bed listen to some music with ear phones on low volume it helps with your over thinking you will be just fine tey to stay calm and don't get your self worked up just tell your self you will be fine eventually your brain will get it and stop or slow down the anxiety .. i hope you feel better remember it's all mind over matter when you can't sleep do some research about anxiety panic attacks if you do that trust me you will understand alot more about it and it will slow down because what you would read is very helpful


Yes I am currently going through the same exact thing. I have been without good sleep for atleast two months now. I might get a total of 3hours a night. And it has my brain to a point I can't even think straight. I'm so fatigue to a point I think if I wall at s normal pace my legs will give out on me. Even going out and the sun is too much for me light my energy is gone. I don't have the same momentum at all. Yes and I even tried a b 12 shot about 2 weeks ago and I feel like it did nothing so far. I'm getting so fed up with it all. I can't even believe how something I use to do so easily with no problem such as sleep I am having the hardest time doing so. Like I have to learn how to sleep all over again. Plus my appetite have dropped and I'm now struggling with that as well. Lost so much weight. I don't sometimes just want to cry. I cry cry cry constantly. You are not alone.

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