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I'm in town with my mum nice and nephew getting some new clothes for my ew job tomorrow I haven't been able to go into big shops for a while but I struggled and tried to stay in new look as long as I can I'm now sat on a bench in town feeling heady and hot please can someone give me some advice my mum and my niece have gone to another shop and my nephew is here with me so I'm not on my own xxxx


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  • Deep slow breaths, good luck on your new job, enjoy and God Bless

  • It will pass. Sounds like an anxiety attack. Breathe in deeply, using your diaphragm breathe in to your stomach. Remember that it can't kill you. I hope this helps.

    Good luck with your new job.

  • Thanks everyone I ended up getting my partner to come and pick me up I hope I don't have a panic attack or feel ill on my first day of work does anyone have any tips please

  • Meditation

  • How do you meditate

  • Have a look on youtube

  • When caught in public places, best way to mediate is to count your breathe. Breathe normally and follow your breathe : inhale through the nose until you have fill up your stomach with air like a balloon then breathe out through your nose. And count your breathe one for inhale, two for exhale up to ten and start again. It allows you to focus on you and not your surrounding. Of course, it is better if you are seated in a comfortable place and NOT recommend while you are driving. As for meditating on a regular basis you can download some free apps : omg I can meditate or "stop, breathe and think". It is free and the second one is very helpful. It has short and longer meditation and ask you first how your mood is, how you are feleing physically as well.

    Take care

  • Thank you very much

  • I love these types of apps and audios. You feel they're made by people who truly know what anxiety disorder is. Free. And they work!!!

    Then you get therapists who've read about it in uni, gained a degree or two and charged a fortune for "and how does that make you feel?" 😂😂

  • Hi there are loads of apps available for your phone, and I used an immediate assistance app I listened to while i was actually panicking one after another when I first started trying to go out.. which became a life line for a while. Realky helpful. But of course i was alwats mindful to not use it as my only way of going out. So i don't listen to it any more deliberately, the panicky feeling became less intense and now just a second or two of "uh oh...head feels spinny!" But I'm getting better at my own self talk :)

    If interested it's on the excel at life website and under the menu "psych audios" click on "self talk assistance" then you download "panic assistance". There are loads more to download if you want- I have several meditation audios. She basically talks you through the panic or high anxiety and what's going on and why and how not to fear it. I think it's brilliant.

    Good luck on your new job x

  • Accept how you feel is ok. Dont try and reject the feelings. Its ok to feel however you do. Its not a crime to be nervous & hot. This humid weather doesnt help.

    Very best to you!

  • Take deep breaths and try to relax by refuting whatever is making you anxiety.

  • Breath in through your nose for a count of 10, pushing your tummy out then breathe out through your mouth slowly blowing softly. This helps me immensely.

  • Loads of lovely relaxation videos on You Tube

    Deep breaths

    Don't tense and fight the anxiety or it will get worse try to let it wash over you it can't hurt you and will die down

    Turn your "what ifs" into so what's

    You won't come to any harm because of a panic attack

    Drink water

    Cut down on sugery things

    Meditate -again lots on You Tube

    Exercise - walking is great

    Never feel you are alone with this we are all here to support you

    Good luck in your new job 😀

  • Than you so much that is so lovely for you to say I hope your advice will help me and I hope that you are okay do you think that I will pass out or faint tomorrow xx

  • Hello Megan no I definitely don't think you will faint I'll just quote you this from the new book I've just got (its called DARE the new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks By Barry McDonagh)

    "It's extremely uncommon to faint when feeling anxious because fainting is the result of low blood pressure When we faint the body falls to the ground This allows blood to be supplied easily to the brain a clever safety mechanism When you feel anxious your blood pressure goes up not down Hence fainting is unlikely because your brain has plenty of blood supply"

    Hope that helps Every single book or any information I've ever read over the years says panic cannot hurt you

    There is a video on YouTube called Doctor explains how to stop panic attacks Dr Barry Its very calming and reassuring

    Yes I'm fine thank you now but I have been where you are and I so understand and sympathise as its miserable I got well by relaxing and stop being afraid of the panicky feelings

    Please let me know how you get on try and enjoy your day and tell yourself you are not going to let stupid old anxiety spoil your life I don't like regrets but I do regret the years I wasted being afraid of feelings that weren't dangerous

    Take care xxx

  • Honestly thank you so much I want a happy life and I want to be able to go to work happily I hope that I can do this I'm going to try and face it thank you so much xxxx

  • Face it Megan but don't fight it Its just adrenaline rushing through your body thats all It can't hurt you Its normal to feel nervous starting a new job and everyone will understand that Remember what it says in my book anxiety won't cause you to faint

    I hope that today won't just be the start of a new job but the start of a new life without anxiety

    There are loads of people on this forum who couldn't even contemplate going to work So be proud you are a very capable person

    I'm wishing you loads and loads of luck there is nothing to fear but the fear of the feelings that's all

    Please let me know how you get on xx

  • Thank you so much you are such a brilliant help thank you xxxx

  • My pleasure my sweet and I'm here if you need a chat as I have been there and am so thankful that I am now as well as I am xx

  • Start concentrating on something like trying to count twenty people wearing a red top and twenty people with long blond hair. Become aware of your toes, then your feet, then your ankles, knees, thighs, hips etc, until,you get to the top of your head. I know it might sound easier said than done. If you are really stuck go into Boots the chemist and buy an over the counter sea sickness tablet called Stugeron. This contains a very slightly sedating antihistamine that stops nausea but the reason I'm advising you buy some is because it acts as a calcium channel blocker, which has the same effect as a beta blocker and will stop that uncomfortable feeling that your heart is racing. This is not something I advise you use regularly but it can help reduce the severity of a panic attack, and calms feeling of sickness. I have used it in the past and it is effective at taking the edge off a panic attack.

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