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the past few weeks my anxiety has been really bad. I've been randomly feeling like I'm going to have a seizure. It's a hard feeling to explain but it's really intense. I feel sick and dizzy and like I can't focus. Then I feel like I can't concentrate and my memory is bad. I start to also feel like I'm going to lose consciousness. I've never had these feelings before they're very new. But a lot has happened in the last few months that has increased me anxiety and panic attacks. My fianc├ę has epilepsy and I've seen him have many seizures. I can't tell if it's all just my anxiety or if I'm going to actually have a seizure­čś×­čś×­čś░ I've been to the er many times over the past few weeks but never for this issue and I don't wanna go again. I just don't know what to do because I can't see my dr right now


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  • Hi Clw1216, reading over your first post let's me know you have been through some devastating issues over the last few months. I can understand how your anxiety has increased. Seeing your fianc├ę with epilepsy at this most venerable time for you can very well trigger the same symptoms that you see him experience. Then again, you say you have been to the ER many times in the last few weeks but not for this issue. Thinking that you are going to have a seizure needs to be evaluated by a doctor but if he doesn't know, the tests in the ER are just general. This could very well be a severe case of Health Anxiety but you would feel better I'm sure if Epilepsy was ruled out. I hope you get it addressed soon. x

  • Its hard because everytime I go to the er they seem to just not care because they think it's all just anxiety and so I don't mention this because anything I do mention, they don't even test and chalk it up to just anxiety. So I just let it go so I can go home. If it keeps going, I'm going to go back to the er unless I get a doctor appt soon. Hopefully it really is just anxiety! xx

  • Unfortunately Clw, I know exactly what you mean. We go in hoping to get some answers and walk out no better off. You best bet is to make a doctor's appointment. The ER is for Acute problems. It's not that they don't care, they don't have the time. I think it's anxiety too. xx

  • Hi. The symptoms you've listed are core to anxiety. Poor memory and a lack of concentration become very apparent because many regions in the brain, such as the hippocampus, pre-frontal cortex, and hypothalamus, are affected and altered to an extent during extreme bouts of anxiety. That's way you may find yourself sleeping less, or with less energy, or like you mentioned lacking concentration. I would say this kind of anxiety is most likely brought on by chronic stress, which you have certainly gone through. It's not worth your time to think you may have a seizure because you just don't know. Please go see a psychiatrist as soon as you can to get this all figured out. Cause as Agora1 mentioned the ER is mainly for medical emergencies.

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