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How to regain back control

Prior to my hormone inbalance that set off anxiety attacks.. I was, for the most part "normal". Stupid thoughts didn't bother me.. or make me anxious.

Stupid thoughts like being afraid to eat ice cream all of a sudden? Why? Why does the thought of eating ice cream that I LOVE induce an anxiety feeling within me. Then I think.. well what if I can never eat the ice cream I like so much so freely like Id id before - why does THAT make me nervous.

Or having a cup of tea (I think I'm afraid of the caffeine - as if that would create anxiety) .. Or going out to eat and having them bring me a cup of water with ice. WTH is that? It's so irrational.

Then.. I get a fear of my regular routine.. like it's boring or something and that invokes some sort of anxiety - some sense of weird urgency.

Yesterday , I was having a good day. This morning.. it's like I had to start ALL over again.. and as I was sitting at breakfast (out with the fam) Istarted thinking about being my "normal" self - and will I have that again.. and THAT made me feel anxious.

See.. I do know that now that the physical causes for the initial anxiety have passed (hormonal imbalance - should be passed by now) I know it's all , at this point.. mental. BUT.. WHAT do I do to stop the thoughts, stop the fear of anxiety .

What are the affirmations I can tell myself (and convince my brain) that I am okay.. and to bring me back to how I was BEFORE I started having these anxiety attacks.

I do feel that I"m getting better.. but not 100%

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Well I do have pretty much the same symptoms like being afraid to take on my normal routines. I honestly don't know which stage I may be in as far as my anxiety and stress because like you said, I can see ir feel it's getting better but I still have my days. Some days I don't get so nervous out if nowhere which will spark my racing thoughts which then messes with my appetite I don't feel like eating. Then some days I'm ok. I don't feel so nervous, I eat pretty ok. Not all the way like I use yo but I can manage to eat whatever I need to. But at night was always the struggle for me because I wasn't getting good sleep at all for the last 3 weeks. But I can say it's getting better. I don't know if it's because my fear is sort of going away. I'm just getting fed up with what I'm going through and it's starting to ware off as far as being so tense and afraid. So my past four or five nights I can definitely see a difference from a few weeks ago. So I guess with that said, my advice to you and what I need to give to myself is that if we can both see a difference and can actually tell that it's getting better; maybe not 100 percent yet like I said for myself as well, but we do see progress, that's affirmative enough that it should get better. Just keep pushing through with positive thoughts. Even if we have to sike ourselves with positive thoughts day in and out. But I think if we noticed even slightly a difference it means it can get better and even better eventually. Maybe to a point we will begin to understand all our symptoms and then learn how to deal with it. But trust it's easy said than done when we are actually going through it.


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