Is it all just anxiety and depression?

Hi. A few months ago I was kicked out of my home and lost all my family. I've never been good with change and having to move, get a new job, and lose everything was hard. Over the last few months, I've seem to be getting worse and worse. Everyday I'm in a constant fog, terrified to leave my bed in fear of how I'm going to feel. I have constant head and chest pain, dizziness and am always tired but rarely sleep due to feeling like I'm going to die. My fiancé has epilepsy and after seeing him have a seizure I'm always feeling like I'm going to have one and the feeling is so strong. I often feel like I have a brain tumor or MS. I'm pushing my fiancé away with all this and he's all I have left. I'm working on getting meds for this but for the mean time I'm falling apart and losing my mind. Is all this just anxiety and depression or could something else be wrong? I'm feeling suicidal only because I can't keep living like😰


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  • Well I will definitely say it will have you feel down and always thinking the worst. I am dealing with anxiety and mild depression as well and I feel so detached from reality. My head constantly feels like it's on a cloud and I'm running on auto pilot. It's times my head feels like it's releasing something it's hard to explain but it's like I can actually feel it. And i don't know if it's because of my anxiety and now that I pay more attention to every single little thing that happens it all just feel so wierd. And yes it is frustrating me so badly I'm getting tired of going through this because I just wanna feel normal. I wanna be able to sleep I wanna eat normal again.

  • Hi I have a lot of similar symptoms to you and every day I wonder how can all of this be from anxiety. It really is awful. Mine started 2 months ago when I collapsed when I was out and the doctors wasn't sure if I had a seizure or just fainted but that started my health anxiety and ever since that day I have been in a living hell. The doctors have reassured me that I did not have a seizure that I fainted but they don't know why and I just can't get it out of my head. Every day I think it's going to happen again and I am hyper aware of ANY symptom in my body even feeling slightly hot I just panic. I have awful head fog, feel lightheaded, spaced out, unbalanced, shakiness and general weak feeling every day. My docs have said sounds like anxiety but I'm not convinced. I try to do stuff to take my mind off of it every day but I just can't get it all out of my head and it never goes away. My life has changed and it feels like it's forever. Let's hope we can get through this and it will make us stronger in the end.

  • It's crazy what anxiety can do to our bodies. Just spent the night in the er and they said I was fine. So tired of my mind tricking my body, making me feel like something is actually wrong. Hopefully one day we will be able to feel "normal" again😔

  • i feel real bad my self i feel like i can not go on it is lonly it is a feeling that know one can understand i can not belive it not only me but other people

    i wounder were it comes from but im in the same boat they think it is in

    my head head med seems to make a person worse there is nothing elese

    they can check for but still im still not shure

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