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Bad anxiety since collapsing pleas help 😰

Hi I'm really struggling at the minute. 2 months ago I collapsed and lost consciousness when I was out luckily I was with my mum and daughter and not on my own. After the collapse I was taken to the hospital because I had a high fever and palpitations. I've had some tests done since but they haven't found a reason why it happened and ever since then I've had such bad anxiety and even panic attacks. I am so filled with fear every day that at any minute it could happen again I just can't deal with anything. I'm constantly worried that it will happen when I'm alone or when it's just me and my daughter (she's only 6) or when I'm out or driving. Everything has become difficult. My mum has been great but my partner has told me it's getting on his nerves now and I need to get on with life and stop feeling sorry for myself. It's affected EVERYTHING!! I avoid going out at all costs and I have other horrible symptoms such as brain fog, shakiness, numb feeling in my legs, tingling, headaches every day. I can't cope anymore I don't know what to do I'm so scared 24/7. My daughter starts school again in 2 weeks and I don't know how I'm going to get her there!!! Sorry for the long post but I dint know what to do

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Your not feeling sorry for yourself your rightly worried. and you have a young child to look after also. i know you can get things from the council i dont know what erea your from, but you can get those things you wear round your neck and it alerts them if anything goes wrong i would ask your doctor about this and see if you can get one. if not im sure there is something on the market you could buy. this is a real concern which i understand so well. as i took a horrible turn and had to get an ambulance and i was just out of the bath with no clothes on i was so ll. i just had to keep the towels round me and also open the door for the ambulance people to get in as i was near to collapsing myself, have you got anyone who can check on you by phone even every few hours just so that you know that your not alone in this, i'd rather be outside myself at least there are people who can help and come to your aid. its really terrifying as i had to come home and i was terrified every day and night i have had an operation since but i still can worry. have you had all those other simptoms before the fall or was it after you blacked out. you dont get all those symptoms for no reason so there must be something that caused this. what about the high fever what caused that? and did they give you anything at all when you went to the hospital.the best thing i can suggest is that you get someone to telephone you every couple of hours untill you get to the bottom of this. and to tell the truth i wouldnt drive at all feeling the way you do. i hope you get to the bottom of for your husband i wonder how he would feel if it happend to him. there are a lot of really hard people out there who have enjoyed their health and never suffered any kinds of depression or illness and they can be quite horrible to people who are ill or afraid. as they dont understand how it feels. keep in touch and let us know how your are. there is nealry always someone around to talk to. all the best dear, love grace xoxoxo

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grace111 thank you so much for your reply. It has actually made me cry with relief that someone understands how hard it is. I am going back to my gp today to insist on more tests as I didn't have any of these symptoms before my collapse only after. I know I have severe anxiety surrounding it but I also know that since that day I have physically not been right but they just won't listen. I tried telling my gp 2 weeks ago that I have persistent daily symptoms since but he dismissed it as being in my head as my tests are all normal. I'm really sorry to hear about your health problems it's so scary, I hope your fully recovered? The doctors at the hospital said the fever was due to a viral infection and that I shouldn't worry as I would get over it and make a full recovery! They did also find a heart murmur which has never been found before. I have been having tests to make sure it wasn't my heart that made me collapse and I'm due to see a cardiologist at the end of the month for the results. I do have my mum who is there for me whenever I need her she's amazing but lives quite far from me. She does come to see me as much as she can but its a long journey and I feel so guilty. We do talk on the phone a lot but it's the thought that no one can get here quickly enough if something awful happens that scares me so much. I have no friends or family local to me which never used to bother me when I could just get in the car but now I feel so isolated. I haven't thought of it like you said about rather being outside so someone can help. I get so embarrassed just thinking about it happening again in front of everyone I was absolutely mortified when it happened the first time. I'm also worried that if we are out and I collapse my daughter might walk off or walk into the road or someone might take her. It's such a scary thought I really try not to go out unless absolutely nessacary and its pure panic from the minute I leave the house until the minute I return. I'm also starting to worry about my daughter returning to school soon as its not local and I HAVE to drive her there and collect her I have no one else who can do it so I'm already panicking about that as if I still feel like this it's going to be so difficult I don't know how I can do it twice a day every day! Your completely right about my partner he has enjoyed his health and is a very relaxed person who doesn't seem to worry much about anything. I know he doesn't understand but a little empathy would go a long way. It's hard because before this happened I didn't rely on him for much but since I find myself asking him to not go far away 'just in case' and I ask him to take me places which he hates. Thank you so much for your reply I just hope we can all get through this crippling anxiety and be strong and enjoy our lives as they are so presious and at the moment I am wasting it. Lots of love Sharon xx


Hi Sharon, it's hard for our partners to understand if they haven't experienced it them selves. It's a case of they can be patient for so long then they just need you to pull yourself together!! But if you can't, then you can't not until your ready. Ask for your bloods to be checked! Then when you get the results ask for a copy for yourself. The receptionist will print you a copy. You can see for yourself where all your levels are. You will be surprised by what the results reveal. If your vitamin b12 is low this can affect your health in many ways. If you've recently had your bloods done get the results. What you are feeling is a normal reaction to what happened to you. Good luck at the doctors x


I definitely agree you are not worrying without a reason, you have every right to it. You are a mother and a wife, you have people that depend on you and collapsing is also not something minor you can just bounce back of, especially when you haven't found the source why it even happened in the first place. I don't know what kind of tests you have done, but here's what I can recommend - have a full blood work done, check your iron levels, vitamins B12 and D, your blood pressure throughout the day (low blood pressure causes fainting), hormone levels, EKG and a heart ultrasound. All of that can point out any problems causing you to faint. Basically, talk to your GP and a cardiologist, maybe also talk to a neurologist, just to be sure. I don't know which of these you've done, and also I am NOT a doctor or in any way licensed, but I've had my fair share of doctors and tests done at only 20 years of age, and this is what I remember could be related to collapsing or anything like that, so be sure to check that out.

And please - don't be hard on yourself. Your worries are completely rational and NORMAL as you have experienced something pretty scary.

If all your tests come back fine - consider that, perhaps, you had some sort of a bug or a virus and it passed and now you're okay.

Stay strong xx


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