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Been constantly sick each day

Hey I been getting sick to my stomach each day feels like a nott in my center belly and I've come close to puking and getting really dizzy and I've had the sweats and cramps I went to the hospital one time and they took xrays and seen I was clogged up and constipated and idk what's going on right now I'm with my pregnant gf and fighting against court and idk if I'm stressed and idk it or if I'm sick anyone please help?

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Hi Devin5254, it would be a good idea to go get it checked out if your having the same symptoms as before. It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment so you're bound to feel stressed and anxious!! Go get checked out, that would be the first step and take it from there. Everything happens all at once, life never just throws one thing at you!! It will all get sorted in the end but you need to take the first step and get your health checked 👍


Devon my heart goes out to I understand really I do.sounds like uv got alot to be stressed about,take time out fir itself like do some excersize it will help u feel better,visit ur gp and maybe get counciling to talk it all out sounds like things have got too much4u thgs will get better 4u as long as u take steps u will be ok 👌 do some relaxation technics hope That helps goodluck🍀


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