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Convinced myself I have a heart condition

So yeah, even though I may or may not have one, my anxiety has brainwashed me into thinking I have one. I now take propranolol tablets every day (they were prescribed by my doctor but only to relax me) because I have feelings of panicking so much, my heart will race until I have a heart attack if I don't. I feel vulnerable without taking any tablets so whenever I try to go somewhere without taking them, I'm afraid my body will malfunction or as I said earlier, my heart will beat uncontrollably til the worst happens! I can't help the feelings though! And I wonder, does thinking or believing I have a heart condition will actually give me one? I'm so scared now and I really didn't want this to happen in my life! The sad thing is, I've probably let anxiety damage me now.

Is this a common thing for someone with anxiety or hypochondria? Or have I really damaged my physical health? Thanks.

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I know how you feel and I'm sure many others on this forum have the same experience as you. Stress and anxiety can definitely have an impact on your health however it is reversible if you can get your anxiety in check your health will follow too so don't worry about that just concentrate on healing your mental state and the rest will follow it actually can take your body a while longer to recover after your mental state has settled so be patient. I hope you feel some relief soon :)


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