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I'm very anxious 😩 I recently wrote on here about harassment from neighbours now iv received a letter acussing me of this I'm so upset and confused and extremely worried imaganing all sorts I have a 14yr old daughter and I'm alone parent it's only us against the world feel totally alone and sick inmy stomach I know That the other day I went into my garden for the woman to come out partrinizing me passive aggressive and she totally planned it so I'd kick off at her then she called someone I think it was the council so she was very sly now I'm the bad guy.hope I'm making sense.iv lived here for nrly 15yrs and never had a problem until they moved here please help I'd really appreciate it the other thing is our dog there l probably try to get me into trouble over him and il be heartbroken if he has to go me and my daughter love him so much and there r lots of dogs down this road

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