Fainted and couldn't go on my trip

Just about a month ago I fainted before I got on my bus to New York more due to dehydration. I'm so disappointed in myself and I'm still bummed. I regret not going. My partner and I are trying to find another time to go but I don't know when that will be since college is starting. I would like to go in December but it seems like he isn't motivated to go. The next time after that we would go is when he graduates in two years. Just need some positivity.


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  • Ehfar17, it can happen to the best of us. Dehydration definitely can play a big part in fainting. It's always best to have a doctor check it out to make sure you have no other health issues. Try not to be disappointed in yourself. You did nothing wrong to cause it. However, I do hope you both get to New York one day. x

  • Fainting is always a cause for concern and I hope you will allow a doctor to examine you. There are no family traits of heart problems or diabetic problems are there? Both of those things can be excacerbated by dehydration, particularly the diabetic bit. You are aware that here in England the word 'bummed' means probably what you do not wish it to mean!

  • don't be so hard on yourself it isn't your fault visit your doctor maybe you have anxiety good luck and let me know how you got on your not alone 😊 🍀

  • I had to go to the hospital. So yes many Doctors examined me, and there's no underlying heart problem. I'm from the United States, and that's not what bummed means here.

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