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Any advise?

Hello, so I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for a year now, it all started when I lost my identical twin boys in August last year! I'm really stugglig at the moment as its my boys first birthday next week.. I went to the doctors last Friday and they gave me depression tablets to try and see if they help.. I'm really unsure on taking them.. As I have been feeling sick a few times at random points in the day and only been sick once.. I thought it would be that I was pregnant again, I did a test and it was negative but I really can't shack the feeling that I am! It's really not helping my anxiety. Can anyone give me any advise on what to do. Thanks

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Have you had counselling for your loss. I would stick with your antidepressants they can take a while to get in your system. It may be wise to try and find a group where people have suffered the same loss as yourself. I really feel for you and being a anniversary must make it very hard

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Hi there Megang123

I am so sorry you are going through this, it is a deeply sad time for you right now, and of course you would be feeling depressed after losing your twins. You are really strong to be still going on and living your life, and I hope you can take some comfort in that. I am sending you love and lots of prayers at this time.

I know struggling with depression can be tough. Sometimes medications make you feel nauseous for up to a month (I know this from personal experience) so it may not be that you are pregnant, just pill sick. But of course only you know your body.

It sounds like you really need some time to heal and grieve. Being gentle and kind with yourself, and tiny things you can do that make you feel good can really help to lift your mood- I paint my nails, or make a cup of tea, or watch a crime show. It sounds small but little things like taking time for yourself is really crucial when you are feeling this down. It's ok to cry and feel pain, it has to be released somehow. The best you can do is try to calm yourself and be kind and gentle during this grieving process. Lighting a candle for your two boys perhaps to remember them.

I can only make suggestions, do whatever feels right for you. I really feel for you and I hope that you can come out of this ok eventually. And know that you can always post on this forum if you are feeling down, there are lots of lovely people who genuinely care out there xoxox


Mine all started when I lost my little boy in Feb this year ;(


Speedychick81, I am so sorry... xx


Aww thanks it's ok I think I'm kind of getting there now just can't shake this blooming anxiety never ever had it before :( it makes me 😢


I'm so so sorry that you went through such a terrible ordeal of losing your twin boys I can't imagine the pain you must have gone through I think you need to talk to someone Take the tablets by all means You are grieving and their birthdays are going to be so upsetting for you Please get some help to get you through this awful sad time I'm sure there are support groups out there and meeting other parents who have been through it will do you the power of good You will get lasting friendships I'm sure You aren't alone I hope with all my heart you get pregnant again it won't bring back your twins but it will bring happiness into your life It's still very early days still raw look after yourself I know it's an old cliche but time does heal so give yourself time Take good care

I wish you happiness xx


I'm just watching by chance One Born Every Minute What Happened Next there is a couple on there who are in exactly the same boat as you They joined a support group it was a charity called Sands It provides support for bereaved parents I've just looked at their website and they have a forum Good luck xx


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