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Hi I just had an operation on Sunday on my left ear had grommet taken out and I'm in awful pain keep getting popping sensation like it wants to pop also turned out they could not operate on my right ear as the false fundus has damaged it would be have been to dangerous to go ahead with even though they said I had glue ear so turns out it's not glue ear just the false fundus covering the ear drum.

I'm very upset as I'm in pain and confused I am sick of feeling pain in this way.

Has anyone come across this before? I know I have just had the op but its hurting any advice much appreciated.

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Hi Louise2016. I'm sorry you are in pain, but what is grommet, and why was it removed ? Where you experiencing vertigo ? what is glue ear, and what is fundus, if you don't mind me asking ?


Hello, a grommet is a small tube they put in the ear I had to have one as my ear drum was sucked in I was getting pressure problems it seems a bit complicated, a false fundus is skin that has covered the ear drum over time after having too many ear infections now the ear it to damaged for it to be operated on, I hope this makes sense?

Thanks for your reply


Ok.thanks for the info.


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