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I's it stress or an unfounded disease that stess causes a crisis

I'm being tested once again for m.s. I have the exact symptoms as several posts, especially the 1st and following few. I have tested with electrodes and do have neuropathy. It's been 12 years since my last test. They can miss MS with CT scans. My diagnosis , fms/cfs, plus chronic depressive disorder /panicked disorder. I am absolutely certain it's stress related, that's shutting my body down.

Even if it's a disease, stress is causing it to be in a crisis of some sort. I'm a dancer. I lose control of my legs, I drop things. Even embarrassing with a bladder lift I recently had urine run down my leg in a long line at college. I hardly felt an urge to go.

My body feels like it's half dead. I'm very active, or I was. I'm beyond frustrated. My home life is miserable I've sacrificed for my 2 adult daughters. Yet they won't help me. One has chaos of her things everywhere. I let her move back and I am making her a mini apartment, but even outside(front, garage, side of house, backyard. I have to walk around her things.) It's CHAOS everywhere! My 18 year old does nothing around the home! My 30 year old does do dishes and cook some.

I gave up my dance/photo studio to make my oldest an apartment. Gave up my peaceful room I loved to give my 18 tear old a fresh start. Its a new disaster. They left me with a storage room. I have nowhere to try to build my strength, stretch, hopefully dance nor my personal place of oeace. I HATE my home. I am deciding on leaving and letting them keep my home. Including my husband whom is living off on me financially 95%. If he helps he only does part's here and there leaving everything unfinished. Regardless of what I may or may not have disease wise. STRESS IS KILLING ME, LITERALLY!

I was a dancer and backpacker. Now I can hardly stand, hold anything (even my fork). I feel like I'm living in a nearly dead body. I just want to sleep. It's all I can do, yet I fear sleep, because I have insane nightmares.

I'm trying to look for a small apartment. Give my 18 year old $ I get to support her. And leave my home. Yet pay for my thing's to stay in my 'storage room'. They could all 3 afford it then.

I have to do what I must to save my life. I don't feel I can survive otherwise. Often I just don't care anymore what happens to me. I'm losing hope :(

I forgot the bran fog, the memory loss. It scares me it gets so bad.

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This is a link to the symptoms of B12 deficiency


Don't know if you have ever had bloods to check for B12 deficiency - if so I would get hold of the results as it is perfectly possible for people to be highly symptomatic well into the 'normal' range. If not, ask for levels to be tested and get a copy of the results.

It is frequently misdiagnosed as MS/CFS/ME and a whole host of other conditions because there is such an overlap of symptoms.

If you think it could be a possibility then suggest that you join the PASOC forum on HealthUnlocked

Getting a diagnosis and then proper treatment can be extremely tricky.


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