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I'm scared I'll die in my sleep?!

it's just gone 12:15am and I'm so tired. I found out yesterday that my weight is still dropping, and i have a bmi of 14. i wanted to see how dangerous it was, and i saw loads of stuff about heart attacks and seizures and people dying at that weight?? i know i'm probably building it up in my mind but i'm too scared to sleep. am i really in danger or how do i get over this??

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When when we have anxiety we can all get addicted to certain things and it can come in different forms , it is like something we feel we have control over because we feel so out of control with our anxiety and I understand that you have started to obsess about food and controlling what you eat

But the positive thing is that you know that , you are not in denial I don't get the impression that this is what you are doing and yes if you carry on long term it could affect you but I know you were seeing the Doctor, did you tell them everything and are they giving you support ? with something like this it is most important so if you are not getting enough support I would say go back again and let them know you really need it ( as you do deserve it ) no matter what your anxiety may be telling you

The worse thing we can do is go on Google , even if we do not have a problem it will make us believe something bad is going to happen by the time we have finished reading on there so please try not well don't go looking on there it will make everything 1000 times worse :-o

I am sure if your Doctors thought you were in any intimidate danger they would have you in the hospital even though you do have to deal with this for now they must think you are ok to do so

Ask yourself , why should you die in the night and not any other time in the day , no reason whatsoever so you will not die in your sleep :-)

Try filling your mind with other thoughts , get up and have a drink maybe , don't force yourself to go to sleep you will fall to sleep when you are so tired you cannot stop awake any longer but the more you get fearful and frustrated that you are still awake the less chance you have of dropping of

Do you like reading , I find reading makes me tired as well as filling my mind with what I have been reading and I make sure it is something positive a novel or something

I hope you get some sleep and let us know how you are tomorrow and please as I have said if you need more support than what you are getting contact your Doctor and let them know :-)

Take Care x


thank you, this made me feel so much better. I'm so bad at staying off Google when I don't feel well! I'm trying to get some sleep, and remember that I'll probably be okay. Thanks :)

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I managed to get a couple hours sleep, I'm still not feeling great but I've eaten a bit more today. Thank you for your reply :)


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