In a dark place!

Hi guys! My name is Heather and I am really in a bad spot. I have been battling anxiety for about 8 years but it has been crippling for about 6 months. I am nervous every time I leave the house. I feel dizzy, tearful, palpitations, and a weird surreal detached feeling which I'm learning is called depersonalization. I was taking Buspar for a few months which made me feel even worse. Yesterday j was switched to celexa and am really hoping for some relief soon! I started getting therapy but it only helps so much. I am just writing to have some support. I feel lost in a maze that I may never get out of. How can I ever enjoy life again of this doesn't go away? My social life has dwindled down to nothing and now I'm having depression as a result of the constant anxiety. I just feel so terrible and afraid 😢


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  • Hi heather! First off, you aren't alone. Your situation seems very much like mine. My anxiety started 7 years ago when I was 23 and life hasn't been the same since. Luckily, my anxiety goes through spurts, and while I am in a bad one this week, I trust that it will ease off and give me relief for a while. Know that yours will too, when your medication gets straightened out. It's very hard to see it ever getting better when it's so very bad but that's just the anxiety trying to trick you. You have many great days awaiting you in life! My social life is also the pits lately.. but you will get it back! Just stay dedicated to getting better! I truly believe only the strongest of people were dealt this horrible illness, because we can handle it! Hang in there ❤️

  • Thank you so much for responding! I appreciate it a lot. I have tried Effexor, lexapro, Buspar and now celexa. I am on day 2 of celexa and so far I'm just having nausea. I'm worried that this med won't work either... Or any Med for that matter. I know I sound really negative but being beat down every day with this is exhausting. It's all so confusing because no one really knows what causes this. You have the theory about it being a chemical imbalance and then those who say it's caused by behaviors such as negative thoughts.... And us that are lost in it are never really sure what got us here. I had anxiety in phases (sometimes I would be fine for years) but over the last two years I had like 6 traumatic things happen to me and I just broke down. I'm no longer focused on what happened and the anxiety has become the problem. Your words were so kind and encouraging. I'm sorry for the vent. My life has gone from being normal and busy to very small. Everything seems Overwhelming. I sound so dramatic I know, but you that suffer probably understands that it feels very real. Just talking to someone who actually has experienced this is very comforting!

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