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Feeling lost?

Not really sure how all of this works but i feel it's about time I tried something to help with how I'm feeling right now.

Recently I've found that anxiety is controlling my life every single day. I don't even know the exact time it started, it seems to have been so gradual that it's gone under the radar for so long.

I can't ignore it anymore but I am very scared to do something about it if that makes any sense at all? I'm worrying about every aspect of my life from work, family and social events.

All I feel comfortable doing (but very sadly) is sitting in my own house. Scared to talk to new people and can't even be in a group of people without feeling like I need to escape even if they're all being nice? It all sounds daft but it is really taking control now and I don't know what to do?

Any advice would be so helpful.

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Hi Matthew123, it is a helpless feeling when anxiety starts to control your life. You took the first step in realizing the time has come to start doing something about it. Next step would be a doctor's appointment to check you out physically and then if anxiety has indeed been diagnosed, then therapy. When in therapy it will allow you to express your fears and worries about all aspects of your life. You need answers why this happened before you can solve the problem. Maybe meds short term. I wish you well in getting back in control again.


Hello Mathew, don't be frightened, because you've recognised that your suffering and need some help!! So now you can start taking steps to get better. Wanting to be alone is natural too, I felt that way to the point I made myself a prisoner in my own mind. It is important you have blood tests too, if your doctor dosnt suggest them ask for them. I'm saying this as some defficiencies can contribute to you feeling low and anxious. The last thing you want to do when you feel this way is excercise!! But. Go for a walk!! Put some music on!! Distraction is very good when you feel it coming on. We have to take control for it to get better, you have the strength in side you to do it, believe in yourself Mathew. There are so many people suffering in this way. You have to learn to control your own mind and not let it control you. Good luck sunshine😀 🙏🏻 it sounds like you've got some good fiends around you too.


Thank you for your support and advice, it is dearly noted :)


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