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Temporary affliction

Hello, I'm a 20 year old male who used to smoke weed consistently for three years(had a couple small breaks that were pretty insignificant in length). Whenever I'd use, I'd use multiple times a day, and I'm from California so the product used was pretty potent in quality/effect. Anyways, I along with that used to smoke cigarettes pretty heavily, again with some small breaks. About 38 days ago I gave both of them up, and so day by day I'd go through one problem or the other. The first month was majorly occupied by sleep problems, but besides that my life was mostly the same. About midway through the third week I started experiencing headaches, and some weird thoughts, and slowly I began losing my appetite. A week after that, the weird thoughts, headaches and loss of appetite hit it's peak, and I realized that what I'm going through might be anxiety. Fortunately the insomnia has mostly subsided and I've been getting better sleep every night, I might get up once or twice in the middle of the night, but I'm able to go back to sleep. Unfortunately the anxiety hasn't subsided yet, but I know that this too will go away as long as I don't mess with my brain chemistry. I've been practicing a lot of mindfulness techniques and having home remedied stuff to consume to help me additionally. The reason I post this is because although I'm braving it out, and I have a lot of support from my lovely parents, I would love to hear any suggestions/support, and also experiences that any of you have gone through that might give me some perspective on my own affliction. To all of you with problems, I hope they go away as mine are day by day.

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Hello & Welcome :-)

Well done putting both habits down and riding through the withdrawals as you are that takes some doing !

Everything you are going through is to be expected , I do not really have any advise and as you are doing so well despite how you feel from time to time what you are doing seems to be working so I would say continue as you are and you will get there :-)

If you need to chat there is always someone about even though weekends can be quiet :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you very much! Yes I appreciate your support, since that was what I've not been doing, reaching out and stating my problem, we can only hold everything in for only so long right! There's nothing better than the knowledge of having someone to talk to when in need! Love and faith to ya!!

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