Yesterday I was sent to hospital by my gp after recent asthma attack because my heart rate was high.

So they did all these test to rule out anything and in the end was told its anxiety. I've got some lorazepam to take over the wkend and they see them again Monday. I feel like I totally wasted their time and complete idiot. Feel like other people should of had their time and not me.


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  • shulou, never think like that. You are as important as anyone else. Especially that your GP sent you because of your heart rate. Anxiety symptoms can sometimes mimic other health issues but they still need to be checked.

    I hope you will take the lorazepam over the weekend and see your doctor on Monday even if you feel better. It's important that he follow through. Take it easy and feel better. x

  • Hi. Its the first time Im replying to anyone here but wanted to show you my support. THis happened to me too when I had my first proper anxiety attack. The ambulance came to a full restaurant and i thought I was having a heart attack! I felt like an idiot too thinking that I wasted everyone's time.

    But you know what? It happens! You needed to go and you were looked after, don't beat yourself up please as they are there to help you and make you feel better. I'm glad you are now aware of what happened and can start the journey to recovery.

    I have been doing CBT for a little while now and it's helping so good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Totally agree with your reply to Shulou it does happen

    I hope your CBT helps you I'd like to try it but not sure how I go about it I was referred to a lady and was promised I'd be given it but she didn't Her advice was to visit a supermarket every day for 5 days stay as long as I could and by the end if it Id be fine and anxiety free I made a complaint so think I've blown my chances of being referred for help again x

  • Hi

    CBT therapist can be a hit or miss. Do try again until you find the one. It will take time to get the exercises to resonate with your life but it is.about exposure but in a controlled way. Keep at it. Xx good luck xx

  • Thank you very much I will look into it

    All the best xx

  • You mustn't feel like that at all asthma is a very serious illness and it was important to get it checked out with your heart being high Our sons are asthmatic and we had lots of referrals to hospital You haven't wasted their time at all Im glad it's nothing more serious and that you feel much better and can rest over the weekend

    Think of all those people who end up in A&E drunk they are the ones who should feel idiots not you

    Wishing you well you take care x

  • You could take more responsibility for your health by using a heart rate monitor (an oxygen saturation monitor cost about £20), which would enable you to be more confident about your own normal values and when to involve health professionals.

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