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Breathing issues /faintness lung

Hello. I thought to get more insight from the community. 7 months ago I had an incident while using hydoxycut black onyx that left me with a visit to the ER twice in a day. I had palpitations, real bad shortness of breath, and fatigue. Fast forward, and I have recovered about a 40%. I still get winded real fast even if I'm just walking for a prolonged period of time, palpitations all day, and fatigued. I try to sleep well, but even sleep doesn't recharge my batteries. I get a wheezing sound out of my chest, only when I exhale. I can hear my chest sound just like a squeaky dog toy when I compress my chest. Breathing is hard. I recently had to leave my job because the added stress has left me feeling super tired. I've been to several doctors (general practitioners) and they've all stated that my blood tests come out "normal". I also saw a lung doctor, who did an xray and said everything looked "normal".

I'm thinking they haven't run enough tests on these respiratory issues which are probably causing a slight anxiety/palpitations.

I used to love drinking coffee, but ever since this happened, I haven't consumed a drop of caffeine or chocolate. Also, I used to go out running frequently, and now I can't even job 100 m without being out of breath.

Doctors say it's anxiety, BUT, if so, then why does my chest wheeze? If I try to even rush my pace when walking, I feel as if my heart were doing a big effort to beat...It doesn't beat, fast, but it actually slows a bit but beats hard instead. I saw a cardiologist, and said my heart is healthy. My cardiac rate is typically at 60 BPM, so palpitations are not fast, but hard instead. I know this is a very disorganized post, but I HATE THIS! Has anyone else gone through anything similar??



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I have breathing issues from this Anxiety everyday. It's been going on for years. I have suffered from the things you described in the past and now I suffer from Hyperventilation Syndrome...it's pretty common in those with Anxiety. You should look it up. And look up breathing techniques, too.


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