I was on here a year ago with anxiety but started to control them better and now there bk i have just had a baby and the panic attacks are bk worrying about everything as i had a c section so every pain scares me and also 1 breast is still hard and sore and looks red so thats stopping me sleeping thinking something is gonna happen to me plz why is this happening again


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  • I'm so sorry you feel like this especially having a new baby . This hasn't happened to me . But I know the feeling of not being able to sleep because you're afraid something will happen. It's hard to distract your mind once you're already thinking something terrible . But you have to try and rest your eyes . You are low on energy from just having a baby and that's going to make you feel worse. Thoughts and prayers. I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  • Sounds like post partum anxiety/depression.i just went through the same anxiety and depression got so bad all i done was stayed a nervous wreck from the time i woke up till the time i went to bed and even woke up in the middle of the night and had panic attacks.i would cry alot.i had myself convinced i had a brain tumor even after i had 2 cat scans an x ray and plus been to the eye doctor 3 or 4 times in just a year.i would go to the er atleast once a week and went to the doctor about every other day.and everytime they told me i was fine i wouldnt believe them.the anxiety symptoms were just so real and i had them 24/7 i kept having pressure on the right side of my head and face and inside my ear all the time,it was summer at the reffered to an allergist and found out i was allergic to all kinds of stuff which was causing the sinus problems i was feeling.and the fact that i was thinking about them 24/7 just made them worse and i just blew it way out of perportion.anyways my psychologist finally gave me klonopin and citlopram and after they kicked in i felt so much your horemones can do alot of crazy things and its normal for your boobs to be acting all crazy right now,mine stayed sore for a sorry i made this so long but i just wanted to tell you my story and hopefully it was helpful to you.

  • Thank u its helped me a lot hun

  • Oh Bless You , having a Baby ( congratulations ) any time makes most New Mums feel very much how you are feeling, you need to talk to either your health visitor or GP as soon as your able, don't feel you are alone , also sounds like you have Mastics in your boobs & having had this before myself it is very painful, you could try clean cold flannels on your boobs not ice cold until you see someone , Darling make that call Today ! That's what they are paid to do .

    Also A C Section is a major operation & it took me weeks to recover , when your other half is there tell him how you are feeling , Visitors tell them it's nice to see them but perhaps before they start Cooing at baby get them to make you a Cuppa & help with little things maybe do a bit of washing up , peel some vegetables etc , whilst you sit &I enjoy your lovely baby. Your hourmens are all over the place, Give Yourself a Break ,Nothing bad is going to happen to you, tell GP or Health Visitor about worries regarding Pain . Best of Luck . I am a Mother of 3 albeit a few years ago. Stay in touch . Make That Call. Hugs X

  • Sorry it me again I ended up feeding my babes on bottles &I didn't care no sore boobs & no guilt either , not saying it will happen to you but though I would add this to my reply .

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