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Am I Pregnant *Update*

Hi everyone!

Thanks for everyone who helped last time. A little recap : I was on the pill on and off last month (since it was for cramps). On July 4th me and my boyfriend were fooling around i got some of his ejaculate in my hand wiped some of it off then while trying to get up accidentally brushed (super lightly) the top part of my vagina with the finger that had had some ejaculate on it till some of it was wiped off , like the clitoris part. Freaked Out, Bought plan B took it 1-2 hours after. few days later one boob sore, cramps , bloated. took some vitamin C to try and kick start period. Period came fully, filling up pads and blood clots. Thisx was on the 13th. Started taking the pill again normally. bloated and some weird discharge, nausea (but i think thats from anxiety) , and some light cramps. Got scared, took a urine pregnancy test this last Monday the 25th, got this weird gray line on the test super feint. took one the next morning, negative till it was left out for 10 minutes then gray line again.. took one on the afternoon that day. same thing. Took one on Thursday morning same thing.


As many of you guys suggested I went to the doctor. Called in and said I would like a pregnancy test with my blood. They did not ask questions all that much just said to come in. I asked if the pregnancy test would be accurate 24 days after sex they said yes, so i come in get my blood drawn. This was on Thursday the 28th. On Friday the 29th I got the results. negative.

This is the part where my anxiety is kicking in. I feel scared that it might be wrong? I have health anxiety so i get this sometimes... Anyway Im afraid its a false negative and ill have a cryptic pregnancy and not know that Im pregnant until its too late to do anything about it.

Im scared! maybe some help or reassurance?

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I am sure you are Not pregnant

This is now your anxiety trying to play tricks on you

Try and get some support with your Health Anxiety that is what is needed because when your anxiety finally moves on from this worry is will start focusing on something else you could do with some therapy to enable to help reverse the way you are thinking due to your anxiety



Your not pregnant.if you were the blood test would have for sure picked it on my third pregnancy so believe me these test are pretty accurate.i have health anxiety too so i know what your going through but just keep telling yourself that the doctors are right bc they are.


Your response has helped me, thank you!

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I am in the same boat as you were. I got 2 blood tests a month apart from each other just to be sure and I still am having a hard time so I got a pelvic ultrasound today and now anxiously awaiting the results .. (blood tests were negative) Ugh


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