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Headaches making me think I have a brain tumor so scared

Hi all my name is Jordan I'm 15 and i have been experiencing weird headaches and stabbing pains in the head for around 2 months my nana took me for a eye test not too long ago and they said I need glasses because I can't see things very well what are far away and they said the back of my eyes are fine but I don't know what they were on about anyways I was wondering if these headaches had anything to do with me needing glasses or my anxiety i do have epilepsy too but I don't really think that would cause headaches like the everyday as its in the temples and sometimes in the eye where I get stabbing pains any advise or help please on what I should do as I panic everyday about what it could be and I just want to enjoy my day but I can't thanks

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Hi I'm so sorry you are worrying at such a young age! I too had what I call sick headaches which were across my eyes forehead temples and sometimes at the back of my head and felt quite queasy with it. It was my eyesight and occasionally I still get these headaches if I'm straining my eyes for a long time.

With a tumour I would imagine there's be other symptoms and surprisingly an eye Dr usually picks them up (they are still v rare) I actually had a scare 2 years ago when my eye Dr noticed my optic discs were swollen causing my blurred vision, and I was immediately sent for an mri and allsorts to rule out a tumour was the scariest 3 days in hospital, but wasn't anything to do with my brain anyway. But opticians and opthalmologists are good for detecting allsorts through the eyes. the backs of your eyes are the retinas which can reveal problems not only in the eye but general health too.

If you're not convinced definitely talk to a doctor. You shouldn't be worrying about anything except which frames you want as your new specs:)

Take care :)


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