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Could it be more than anxiety? I really think it's caused by a medical problem.


I'm a 22yr female. Stay home to care for my 2 yr son. His father works takes good care of us and I have a good home and good life. I say this because my gp said he believes it's just stress and depression and that is causing anxiety. I know that this is not true. I love my life and family. I started feeling this way out of the blue about 8 months ago and it has not let up since. I have been having these "episodes" practically daily. Some times a couple times a day. I almost feel like I'm constantly fighting out down in the back of my mind but it bothers me ALL thetime. It starts with heart palpitations, then I get very intense feelings of needing to escape or peel my skin off and run. So unsettled and start pacing in circles. My ears ring I feel dizzy and extreamly disoriented. I start having intrusive thoughts and think I'm literally going crazy! All this with a grass of "terror" that I have described to the drs. At the er (I have been twice in the past eight months because I believed I was going to die) ekg and labs came back perfect both tunes. I saw gp and he perscribed me sertraline and told me Come back in a month. Pills terrifyrme however add I don't want any foreign substance in my body. I truly believe it's something more than just an emotion problem of Adobe type. After these episodes that can last for hours I have very blurred vision, difficulty concentrating and the strangest feeling of disorientation or like I'm in a dream for days.. I can't seem to get a grip on myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you, desperate sufferer.

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All of it sounds like anxiety to me I have had every single symptom you have said. I had bloods and heart monitored and all was ok. I had a bad few weeks a month ago with everything you are describing. I was alreasy on propanolol and ny doctor put me on citalopram and after 2 weeks of taking it I feel alot better. I also find walks, reading and chilling with my kids relax me.I to had no reason for it getting that bad but anxiety can just come out of the blue. I hope this helps x


Hi there,

It sounds like anxiety.

I'm going through similar situation my youngest is 2 and I was told that you can actually suffer postpartum depression/anxiety anywhere from the birth of your lil one to 3 years.

Ask to get your hormones checked, off balanced hormones cause anxiety and depression.

Hope this helps :)



Your mind can do very powerful things I thought I had something on my brain last week feeling all these different things fully stressing out now I am a worried about a different part of my body and most of my symptoms from my head have gone and I just feel what's going in in the part I am now wording about it's the worst feeling don't know about you but it always think the worst and worry myself sick hate it what my happy self back

This sounds like what happened to me. My daughter was two, things were pretty settled and I started having episodes which felt like heart attacks. Went to A and E, etc etc. The doc kept saying it was stress. Eventually long story short, I went off my own bat to get private counselling as the doc was offering nothing to help.

The counselling was brilliant. I went fir a year, just over, and gradually started to feel normal. I stilll feel anxious but now I can say to myself, I am not dying, and calm myself down. If you had told me that two years ago I would have laughed.

I won't take drugs either as it sets off my anxiety about side effects. I recommend counselling - I had EMRD which helped me.

Good luck, and you are not alone,


medication is not for everyone but it helps some. But your symptoms sound like anxiety to me as well. go back to your dr and tell him/her how you are feeling and how you fell about taking medication. Ask what is available re talking therapies. In the meantime if you have time you could look on the net for info about mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy. Also try and spend a little time each day doing something that you enjoy and helps you to relax. I appreciate that this is difficult with a 2 year old but you are a person too and need to be nurtured and valued.

Hope this helps


Thanks everyone. like I said, I truly appreciate any input. Just heading other people say they have felt with it and low and behold are still alive, is comforting in itself. I have made another appointment with the dr to discuss help that isn't just medication. Just thinking about taking a drug gives me anxiety itself, I don't see how it could possibly help. I do still believe there is possibly a medical reason though, and that anxiety of just a symptom of something bigger.. it's just the way it comes from no where and so intensely. I'm thrust into panic and all sorts of awful sensations and thoughts without any good cause. At pretty enjoyable times, too. I'm confused but it's debilitating my life. I need a way to fix it!!


Anxiety can happen out of the blue. It can happen when you dont even realie your anxious, or feel anxious, or believe youate anxious. The terror you described is a feeling of impending doom, which is anxiety. Palpitations are one of anxiety's trademarks as even when I didnt worry aboit my heart, I got them. I still do, but I try not to let them bother me.

Anxiety can cause over 100 symptoms, ranging from disorientation and dizziness, to partial numbness, body shocks, and flu like symptoms.

It is a very destructive thing, and can mimic every possible medical condition, but anxiety isnt one. My anxiety came on suddenly. I was out with my sister and did not feel well and was worried about my mom for some reason when as we were leaving, this huge charge of adrenaline ran up my body and I was terrified. I was shaking so bad. That was a panic attack.

Yet, a person can suffer from anxiety without having panic attacks. A very small level of anxiety can affect a mind and its reactions very easily.

Thyroid! Have your doctor do a thyroid panel. This is happening to me. Your thyroid levels being off can make you have tremendous anxiety and panic attacks and literally make you think you going crazy. I too feel like I could take off running sometimes for no reason and my heart races with anxiety. I finally got blood work done and odd some research on thyroid. I hope this helps someone who's trying to figure put this anxiety issue who felt like me.... It's awful. Best of luck on your health!!!

Hi!! I believe it truly is anxiety.. I so have been to the ER for the same symptoms and well all labs and ekgs came back normal.. my Dr also tells me im super healthy.. I still am not at peace so I'm going an appt this friday.. I drink chamomile tea during the day. . It relaxes you and keeps you calm.. I hope you feel better soon

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