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I dont know what to do anymore. Anxiety, Stress, Depression. Very Lightheaded 24/7

I suffer from extreme anxiety, stress & depression. When I was 16 I woke up in the middle of the light brain fogged, dizzy, lightheaded, very anxious and panicky and had alot of outter body experiences. I thought I was dying so I went to the ER. They classified me as having anxiety/panic attacks. for 2 years I was in and out of the hospital and all they basically could do is DOPE me up on Haldol. Well when I was about 18 1/2 everything just went away. No anxiety/panic attacks or anything it just left up until this year. I am now currently 33.

This year has been Awful. I started a new VERY high stressed job that paid alot of money (Yes money is good but the job came with HIGH stresses which resulted in my Anxiety/panic attacks returning.

I started panicking every single night even having to call my wife home cause I thought I was going to pass out on a nightly basis. this went on for months and I tried controlling them with NO LUCK at all.

after awhile I started getting a lump sensation in my throat a sense of food stuck but nothing was there and everytime I ate the food felt like it was getting stuck and I would make myself through it up. This went on for awhile then that symptom went away and new symptoms came along.

I went to bed obviously stressed out and woke up very lightheaded and this has continued for the last 7 weeks now, I am constantly anxious, lightheaded 24/7, really stressed out & even now have some depression. I feel like my life is currently falling apart & I have 2 kids, a wife, & great paying job but high stress. over the last 3 months its been awful, I lost 2 cars because my performance at work has slipped (my job is performance based the more you do the more you make) I am on the verge of losing my job and everything. My job DOES NOT offer insurance at this moment not until october so seeing Doctors and all the testing I have had done has resulted in me paying upfront which has killed my bank account.

Edit: I failed to mention we had a missed carriage this year that killed me mentally, Always wanted a boy and this was the boy I wanted and he passed.

Every test I have done has come up flawless & I have had every test under the sun even a scope with all bacteria test done such as H.Plyori & SIBO. So now im thinking my stress, anxiety & over all depression has MADE up all these health problems I thought I had.

I am not sure where to turn at this point. I am anxious, stressed, depressed, lightheaded, Chronic mind racing, loss of appetite, Dramatic loss of weight. Always negative thoughts and I cant stop them.

Most places wont prescribe medications unless you go to Classes first which with my high pay I cant get anything reasonable for payments. I dont want counseling I just want to start Medications like Lexapro which I have read amazing things.

I called many doctors but they wont see me unless I can pay upfront after the APT and thats the same way as counseling. I found websites were you can buy Lexapro Generic 5mg, 10mg & 20mg online (escitalopram) but I am scared to self medicate because I now these meds can INCREASE everything.

Where do I go from here? I just really want to feel normal again and my happy self. I went to an herbalist who suggested I start taking a Natural suppliment that really works on anxiety/stress/depression called (Ashwagandha) that I started yesterday. Seems to have HIGH reviews all over the internet that shows it works. its only been 2 days on it so no luck yet but Im not even sure its going to work at all.

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Oh my you've been in a rollercoster like me, 8 weeks ago I got very bad light headed ness in the night and felt so not with it thought I was dying, I've been to a and e three times I had to stay on for a few days but all the tests didn't show anything :( I was so I'll I couldn't get out of bed I was heavy, weak felt like I was about to dye, I've picked up a bit but the digestive burps and palpitations are bad. Before this started I was like yourself working far too much, I may end up having to give up my job but that will make our finances worse :( have you tried half a lemon in warm water first thing in the morning? Plus go to see the homeopathy if you can.


I myself had a little boy born sleeping this year too so I know exactly how your feeling x


Is your new job really worth it!! That old saying, you can't put a price on your health!! It's not worth doing that to yourself it really isn't. Stressing yourself out just leads to so many health problems and the damage is often done before you realise that. I hope you get things sorted, do what's right for you and get well again x


Thanks everyone. I'm starting medication today. Lexapro. I have come to realize that the constant anxiety and stress 24/7 for 8 months is just not worth it. I lost 50 pounds in 8 weeks. The doctor us running tests anyways just to rule out anything.

Its Been a bad 8 weeks. I am picking up my health no matter what. The doctor has me taking x3 ensures daily on top of meds to regain some weight.

I've decided to find new work the money is fantastic but just not worth the constant health and stress problems.

Yesterday I had a massive stress and anxiety attack and once it was over I felt relieved and a little better. It's time to pick my life back up.


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