Fuzzy feeling and shaking

So recently this week I have been getting this "fuzzy" feeling in my head. Couple of days ago it would once a few hours or more. But now it's seems all the time and has turned into a shaking feeling as well and the back of my head hurts and the sides a little bit. I sleep around 7+ hours and once a week 6 hours. The only stressful thing I do is go to work 2 days a week. Any ideas on what is happening?

Thank you for any input ahead of time

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  • Hello

    Have you spoken to your Doctor about how you are feeling ? I would , let them check you over , it could be anxiety but I would let them have a quick look :-)

    Take Care x

  • Love, prior to this, have you taken an antibiotic?

  • Hi I have got fuzzy head and driving me insane and have had 3 lots of antibiotics in 5 weeks. What does that mean

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