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Hi, looking for more advice, I've been having a new throat issue, it's 130am Friday morning and it started last Friday afternoon about 3pm my throat started to feel tight on my right side then my ear and my cheek started to hurt, it also felt like it was burning ( but normal to touch) I put it down to a muscle spasm as I have an extremely bad neck, shoulders and back, currently waiting an mri appointment. This throat feeling has been happening all week I saw my doctor on Tuesday she did my blood pressure which was 120/ 80 had a feel of my neck and back and said it is all very very tight, I told her my concern was that my throat was/is closing and she said that won't happen. The best I can describe it is if u put your finger and thumb either side of your Adam's apple in the crease of your throat/ chin and push backwards and outwards, it feels like a pulling / tight feeling, the hard bits at the side of my neck hurt a lot and so do my ears, and i also feel like there is a lot of pressure there too. My neck and back are sore Aswell.

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  • Hey there. I think I know the feeling you are describing. Injust mentioned this to someone else who said similar on here, but when I was first diagnosed with anxiety I originally went to the doctor bc of this throat tightness I was having, and that's when my docot said I had anxiety. I thought that was crazy! But, after couseling and working on my anxiety, the feeling went away. This past year my anxiety really kicked in again and I started getting a new type of throat tightness. But, I kind of found that it was similar to the tightness in your throat when you are about to cry. But it would make my whole face tight and yeah. It's no fun. I mean, an MRI can't hurt but I think you will be ok! This sounds so similar to how I have felt and it sorted itself once I started working on the things I feel anxious about. Hang in there!

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, I don't really feel anxious lately, people keep telling me it's my sub conscious, I left my husband of 23 years, 11 months ago with our 2 boys, stayed with my brother 9 of us in a 3 bed house, moved into our house just after xmas, my eldest son has counselling cos of the way his dad was, my husband is a drinker and his health has gone down hill.

  • Wow, I am really sorry about that. I can't even imagine...I think it is could you are getting it checked out by the doctor just to make sure. I know for me, when something life changing happens in my life whetherbit be bad or just completely overwhelming, I don't thinkbI ever realize how much it effect me until later. This past January, my anxiety came back outback out of nowhere. I felt like I was in a good place, but I now realize how far from "good" I was. For me I think my anxiety really started to creep in when one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer right after college. It brought up all these emotions and curiosities about death that I thought I already figured out. But, I know now that I hadn't and for the past 4 years, my fears have slowly been welling inside me without my even noticing.

    Not saying that this is what is going on with you. But, I hope going to the doctor helps and that you feel better soon. :)

  • Hi I too get this and the dr. has told me it is globus which is often caused from anxiety, the more you try not to think of it the less you become aware of it. I hope things improve for you x

  • Omg I'v just put a post up I get have it right now it's so scary I call it anxiety burn it scares me sounds very much anxiety xx

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