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All is well , for now :-)

My insurers found the girl and she is insured. I checked to see if camera was pointed at the accident area and it was.

My son who went all nasty on me this morning because i found out he was driving illegal was all nice to me later when asking to borrow money. He did say " Dad where would I be without you" and said it with alot of meaning and sincerity in his voice. I can now relax. I love him so much and because ofthat one can ooverlook faults much easier than if I hated him. :-) :-) :-) :-).

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How do I do a smiley please? i've tried and can't seem to do it

Re your message

Sometimes it's good to go easy and overlook faults ,other times need to be tougher

hard to get it right..too soft and they take advantage,too hard doesn't work either

your son is so lucky to have a Dad who loves him so much

Wish i'd had that

Wouldn't be on this site or the others.

All good wishes.



To do smiles it is : - )

But do not leave spaces in between , I had to leave spaces so you can see what I used otherwise it would have made a smiley face like this :-)

If you are using a laptop just hover your cursor over the smiley faces and again it will show you what symbols have been used :-/

Hope this helps :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks! :-)


A pleasure :-D x


How d'you get the toothy one?

Hope you don't mind me asking again..never done them before


The laughing face one is : - D

Again I have left caps so I can show you which symbols I used but when you do it you do not leave caps between them :-D

No of course of don't mind you asking :-) x


I can do the smiley but not the one with the teeth that you've done after 'them'.i'll try the toothy one now



Just the smiley one, can't do Mr toothy like your second one


Erm , are you on a laptop , can you hover over the laughing face with your cursor it will show up what I pressed

: - D

But do not leave gaps between those symbols :-) x

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Many thanks!..sorry for being bit of a div ..as we say in M/cr.


Yea I know what you mean Jenny. My mother was just asviolviolent I cant seem to get spaces between my words on here sometimes dont know what's that all about.

I remember once my mother coming home from working in A&E came into my bedroom picked ip plates where I was eating for days because i was suffering bad deprssion and woke me up smashing them on my head I woke up startled leaning on my elbow still smashing them and she walked out without saying a word I never new why. She was suffering some sort of personality disorders definitely narcissistic. I hated her so much just passing hermade me angry. My two sister one like a nun beat her up on a Christmas eve she must of done something badfor my one sister being violent.


Hello Dodo

So nice to read it seems to have been a better day today and what was upsetting you yesterday is getting sorted :-)

Take Care x


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