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I am suffering from mental illness At this time my anxiety level is so high I have not left the house since June 2 when I was terminated as a case manager at a mental health agency,failed my recovery gained 25pounds have practilly starved myself for over a month Nothing and I am 55 even my breast grew 2 cup sizes my therapist and I talk ands text every day Suggestions?

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Hello :-)

First don't see things as a failure because anyone that tries even if it does not go according to plan that does not make them a failure but means that they need more time and more support :-)

I would do what you are doing , keep listening to your therapist , always be honest with them no matter what , do not be in a rush for a quick fix but take each day as it comes and maybe start listing the smallest things you achieve in anyone day so you can see out of all the negative there are some good things to :-)

Keep talking on here , always slow at weekends but more active during the week , but you will soon get to know people and knowing you are not alone really helps and you are not alone on here :-)

Take Care x


Thank you!


Thanks !


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