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Hi everyone I am nwe in here forgive me plz , I can't stop thinking i am going to die anxiety it's really efecting my life I have pain moving pain all over my body . No appetite dose any one have the same thing I am locked in my room I don't know how to get over it I have been trying to go to work but I go to work I loose all my energy , plz help someone sorry my English is not my first language thank you

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helloooo think of it this way i did when had that one no thinking you are going to die as plays on your mind and it stop you trying to sleep prop two when you go asleep you wake up every morning not dead so your not going to die think about itthat way ok wel try to hope helps a bit the 1s stop rapped thinking aboutt it hard but you can do it make worse in long run :-)


When i went to a meditation class once she made us close our eyes and repeat, im hear now think about now not about whats coming, think about now im hear im breathing im alive try not to even think of whats coming try focus on now!!! I find it helps when i feel im geting a bad attack coming on.


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