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I am a 19 year old male, for the past 1-2 months I've been experiencing a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include: heartaches, chest discomfort, and recently I've been noticing aches in my arms and legs. I went to the ER about a month ago. My EKG, blood work, and chest x-ray were all normal. Are the symptoms I'm feeling relating to my heart? Or are these conditions symptoms of anxiety?

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These are all symptoms I've experienced before so they could be related to anxiety. Also the atm and leg aches might be helped by magnesium. Someone on another thread just commented about magnesium for some other anxiety related issues, and perhaps it would help for you as well. I take it daily and I certainly notice a difference from out both mentally and in muscle related symptoms. If your symptoms worsen our change drastically, you might want to get checked out more by your doctor, but that's something only you can decide. If you've not had a full physical in a while it certainly couldn't hurt to get one and mention the issues when you go in.


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