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Ativan and Effexor

Has anyone else had their doctor prescribe both medications and found that it helped? I'm currently on 225mg Effexor XR and take .25 Ativan three times a day. The Ativan was recently added to help stablize me. I honestly go weeks or days feeling great with minimal anxiety and then it comes on really bad and stays for a few days. I discussed at length my fears of taking the Ativan, even when I'm feeling good. Hope someone else has some insight!

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Hi, sorry not heard of these meds. Hope someone else can offer aome advise.

Jules x


I am on Lexapro 5mg. twice a day and Xanax for my anxiety. I have been taking both for years. I take a long acting Xanax ER two to three times a day and then I have .25 Xanax that I can take up to four times a day for breakthrough anxiety. There are times when my anxiety is very low to non-existent and then times it gets high, even on the medication. I really hate having anxiety and having to be on medication. I also am in therapy for it. I just want it to go away and be able to get off of the medication. I was told the lexapro helps anxiety along with the xanax.

I also have a co-worker who is on what you are for anxiety, so it must be a common combination for anxiety. She finds it helpful at times and then at others her anxiety breaks through too.



Thanks so much!! I also was in an intensive outpatient program to help manage my anxiety. Now I go once a week. The skills I've learned and the medication have truly helped me. The doctors believe it's all post partum so I'm hopeful it will be very minimal to non existent someday. Until that days comes, just have to push through the tough times and enjoy the happy ones!


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