I'm afraid to go on vacation

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I've been on here. My anxiety has gotten a little better since I've started the sertraline 50 mg, but some days it's feels like it gets out of hand and I can't focus on anything at all. I get dizzy, and palpitations all day long. I just want to lay in bed all say. But I can't I have things to do so I try to fight it, it's so hard though. I pray it goes away so that I can enjoy my trip to Jamaica, but I don t think I'm going because of this anxiety. I feel like sometimes especially I am going to faint. Not a good feeling. I think I am going to try therapy with the medication as well


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  • A month ago I was in the exact same position. I had a trip planned to USA and I felt I couldn't go. My anxiety was holding me back so much. I know it won't help everyone but I finally went to hypnotherapy and she helped me get to the point of getting on the plane. Once I was on the plane, I was so scared I'd feel the worst panic attack because there was no going back. But I felt ok and although the holiday was a huge challenge, I did it.

    Since being back I've been improving and I'm so happy. I hope you can go on your holiday and enjoy yourself. I think when I just decided to "let it happen" (the panic) it gradually slowed down.


  • Thank u..I really needed to hear that....

  • Ive been in the same position this month. I booked my holiday in January for June and didn't experience my first panic attack until beginning of April. Of course naturally I didn't want to go on holiday, I was worried about the plane, about being ill, about being away from my family. I took my propranolol and even though there was lots of tears and few very fuzzy head and dizzy moments I got on the plane and went.

    I was ok for the first couple of days and tried to relax, I won't lie to you I was ill for the last couple of days- had to go to bed earlier because I'd feel drained and in the days I would feel dizzy most of the day. But now I'm home I look back and am so proud I got on the plane and went! We cannot let this awful thing take over our lies and stop us from doing things we used to love doing.

    Go and try to enjoy as much as you can and I promise you'll feel proud of yourself when you get home xx

  • Thank you so much.....you are so right. I don't want to feel like I have to stay in the house all the time. I fear of having anxiety everywhere I go. Thanks again I needed to hear that

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