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Haven't been writing for a while, well so much have happened!! Nailed a new job that actually is out of my comfort zone when it comes to stress but I just said I can do all things through Christ and trust in Him to take me through it..so thank You God for this opportunity..

Also moving this Saturday to our new stunning home not done packing yet, girls are currently both sick just not a happy face right now but I pray for healing as always.

Its kinda like I haven't had time for anxiety if you get what I mean lol....this morning was like very, very cold so my muscles felt sore and full of aches and pains. Got health insurance again so happy about this....

Lately though it feels like I am actually suffering with bad heartburn especially at night when I lay down it feels like my breastbone is on fire its really so annoying and painful. it sometimes happen during the night as well just this sudden burn on my breastbone can really get a person suddenly jump up in bed.

How's everyone else doing these days?

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You have been very busy and challenging yourself and sounds like it has been keeping the anxiety at bay , like you say to busy to worry :-)

Well done getting a job and especially one you think will test you , but I am sure you can do it :-)

Moving as well , all sounds so exciting but must be a lot of hard work

I hope you are remembering to eat because I know when we get busy we can forget and this can cause indigestion

I drink a glass of milk before bed because I get indigestion and it seems to help , if you find it is troublesome and you have insurance then go and get checked out and just a thought with you saying you are moving have you been picking up heavy things , boxes and stuff because you could have pulled a little muscle and when we do we usually find these hurt more when we are resting

Take Care x

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Congratulations on so many fronts! The job, moving, the girls, the anxiety or lack thereof, your positive attitude, your prayer life and giving credit where credit is due! I hope all continues to go well and you enjoy these wonderful things in your life for years to come.


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