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Stomach problem

On going 6 years now I am 19..

started in grade 8 I went to show off and smoke marijuana with my friend and had a bad trip felt like as if my stomach (blew) up and that day changed my whole life . From then on the first month I had pains in my stomach that felt like it was ripping and I could only eat a motsfruitsation cup a day no lie ... I started getting scared was bed ridden couldn't get down water what ever I ate felt like if it (blew up) feeling again over and over after and when it would feel like that my body would over hear and back then I didn't know what that feeling ment so it made me go numb and panic attack. So after numerous trips to doctors and looking online couldn't help I got sad that I wouldn't get fuxed so I stopped getting help ... I started eating on my own buy myself I still can't eat proper :/ whenever I eat to much it replays that feeling but all the times and years now I'm use to it and can calmly get over it . But I jus want answers :( I also have some burping problem I can't burp normal constant burping it always gets stuck and when I feel it I have to use my jaw and like (my throat) lach if makes sense open. Sometimes it doesn't come out and goes back down and makes the feeling when u get hungry it (gurgles) but stays ongoing and when it does that it feels like my stomach opens inside and liquids move ? I dono :) like I said I have had this for 6 years I have bin to speaclist whole 9 yards didn't find shit they say it's anxiety but if I can't eat normal then I know something is wrong I use to be a chubby kid are more then my grandpa now I can't consume more then 3 glasses of juice a day if I'm lucky a big Gatorade and food to if anyone has same or close symptoms all of like to know is if I'm not the only one suffering :( @stomach @stomachproblems @burpingproblems

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Omg your the best I haven't checked online for 3 years because it made me scared outta all the stuff I have tried your words have made me think possible that's it cuzz u hav a point it does act when a (feeeeling) acurs


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